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Nuclear island Browns. Running back Kareem hunt has been suspended by the NFL for eight games. The league Friday cited a violation of its personal conduct policy saying quote for physical altercations at his residence in Cleveland last February and at a resort in Ohio less June hunt will not be paid during the half season suspension, which he will not appeal the NFL wrapped up the investigation that included a review of law enforcement records video and electronic communications and interviews with witnesses and hunt was released last season by the Kansas City Chiefs after that video surfaced the footage drew public outcry and led to the chiefs cutting ties with one of their best players amid a Super Bowl push the Brown. Signed hunt last month saying he was remorseful. Russia has returned to the Paralympics softer two and a half years suspension will athletes face extra drug tests ahead of next year's games in Tokyo. Russia's required to foot the Bill of the extra tests and government officials banned from serving on the Russian Paralympic committee. It was barred from the twenty sixteen Paralympics in Rio de Janeiro after the IPC found widespread cheating Russian President, Vladimir Putin has said his country. Never encouraged all covered up doping New Zealand massacre. I'm Tim Maguire with an AP newsmen if forty nine people are known dead more than thirty others remain hospitalized after a gunman opened fire on worshippers in two mosques in Christchurch New Zealand Christchurch hospital surgery chief, Dr Gary Greg Robinson, says the wounded included the young and the old days injured ranged in ages from the very young to quite patients. Eleven of those shot are in critical condition. The. Specht at twenty eight year old self proclaimed white supremacists from Australia livestream, the shooting on Facebook and other sites also posted a rambling seventy four page manifesto declaring attacks were to avenge attacks in Europe by Muslims. New Zealand Prime Minister Justin to ardent reader. Of racism division, extremism has no place not only in New Zealand, but I would sign a society is a home New Zealand's police Commissioner says the investigators have found nothing to contradict that the shootings were carried out by the same person. AP digital news back in a moment. Thank.

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