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Baltimore Dan welcome program thank you for holding Hey great I got a question for you and then you can ask me what okay do you want to go first thirty only a second let's just do it rip the bandaid off go ahead okay how many students were there well at a time or total total is whether it was my right on the number six no no well I can't name them unless I know the number I do have a friend who had lunch one time with curly Joe he was obsessed with the the last one alive and then got to be curly Joe early generation model Larry and regular curly so what is at five at five yes that's the right number three number there you go it's a good thing to win drinks at the bar for a bar and people forget curly Joe because we want to yeah because they they think currently they don't think of curly Joe all right I've got a question for you day and I'm gonna it's one I've made up it's not from the trivial pursuit thanks if you wanna go this route who's the only person to serve as president and vice president without ever having been elected either office without ever having been elected to office to either of those it has would it have been Lincoln's margin could censor question with a question there are Andrew Johnson I don't know who Lincoln's running whose vice president was prepared for it I could think of Spiro Agnew resigned and rain Ford was appointed in the Nixon resigned he failed up so we're both the that there you go okay I did your tribute you get to it I I figured I'd give you a call and give me a shout dancing did I not say Gerald Ford there Gary so far the yeah well I have a good weekend and come up with another tricky question for me that's not stupid related Gimme a Beatles related question next time Eric in a car your next telomeric Hey Hey how you doing good has gone yeah I just want to put a little give a little perspective on these are values that they have going on in the G. H. U. website most people don't realize that the the total confirmed cases reporter perspective the Macarena downplayed its roughly about the capacity of old RFK stadium with fields he and then when you're to take into account of the order of three calories returning your order free calories I mean it's it's with what's going on like I said it's a tragedy people one person passes from the sport just wanted to put it in perspective that we're taking bigger risks just driving to and from work every day then we are catching covered nineteen when I drink I mean what no never mind you're right it in perspective is wildly important but it it has to be met with the cabbie out that you correctly added that a we don't know you know about this yes the number of confirmed applications cautions but I I always like to give it perspective I remember during the Obama administration when there's a will hundred thousand new jobs this this month so eighty thousand as like okay that's the average attendance at a college football game so just to give it some perspective maybe we should get super excited about this but the perspective is wildly important but honest perspective and you gave it that Erik appreciate the phone call we'll be back after.

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