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Update from the Gruber law offices one call that's all sports desk here is great matic well the ideal world the brewers will be wrapping up a two game series against the Reds tonight in Cincinnati instead of players are home wondering when the season will begin at the ethical began in Arizona in may MLB doodling a plan that would have all thirty teams play games in the greater Phoenix area without fans in may players and essential personnel would be isolated from family for as long as necessary the idea has some merit but brewers play by play that Jeff levering has some questions injuries happen and and players that are not productive happens sometimes want to make a change in the minor leagues somebody else organization do that but in order to do that you have to have games being played in players staying sharp and if they're not on your forty man roster would you do with those players to give them an opportunity yeah that that's that's the biggest thing for me is out how does that happen the NBA considering a similar remote approach to finishing its season the Canadian Football League the latest sports league the postponed play because of the coveted nineteen pandemic the CFL which was scheduled to kick off their regular season on June eleventh announcing that the season will begin before the beginning of July and on the airwaves tonight's on on ESPN we're gonna show cal ripkin that the game that he ended up breaking Lou Gehrig's consecutive games played streak so I'm gonna rattle off a couple of big time streaks in the world of pro sports utility what's most impressive to you all right cal Ripken twenty six hundred and thirty two consecutive starts twenty six hundred thirty two red farms two hundred ninety seven consecutive starts at quarterback Joe DiMaggio's fifty six game hitting streak what's the most impressive street to you who man those are all impressive I gotta go DiMaggio I mean to get a hit every single game for fifty six games you know almost two months straight that's big time what about you I mean it's I have a hard time separating him B. title two thousand six hundred thirty two is such an outlandish number plates I would like to decades worth of playing in you gotta be good if you got to be injury free everyday life farms yeah that's why farms numbers so big too but nobody's come really even close to the margins I think Pete rose at forty four yeah that's what the closest anybody's gotten I don't know that any of those get beat good question Greg for eighteen at.

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