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Right. And was this. Traumatic for you. It was it was both the best and the worst day of my life. When that happened. Okay. Because it was like I it was like, suddenly I was live. I've been living in an igloo, my whole life inside of my body, and my mind, and I thought it was a big thinker. But suddenly, it was the Taj Mahal in all the I had so much room and spacious nece inside I didn't know what to do. And yet I still have the same igloo sized habits of communicating and relating to others. So is a kind of awkward. It was awkward, but it was beautiful because the bliss of that of that knowing that feeling the connection to whatever that other side is and having arrived there in such a rigorous scientific way that I that I knew that it wasn't like I had reached certainty after all those years. So you didn't know what to do? But what did you do? I I ended up spending two years trying to turn this map. Which is really? I mean, it's it's it's it's a logical set of symbols. It's non linguistic, right? It's done hamic polarity map conscious. I turn that into actionable tools. See I was like a business guy helping people do solve real problems. And I wasn't just in it for the theoretical stuff. I left the academic world because they were too academic for me and and too conservative in their and their thinking. So I had to turn the tools, but it turned out to be kind of difficult. So. The to the next two years. This discovery was on July twenty fifth two thousand twelve okay? The next two years were spent frustrated Lee trying to do that wrap my head around that until I've been divorced, and I written thousands of pages that were worthless. And I was at my wit's end pulling out my hair, but then I had this breakthrough. And I figured it out about two years into an suddenly had the idea for a course where we could use this cycle that I call the create cycle to help people accelerate the achievement of goals. And was this online course you create. It was a key advanced coaching course in kind of a kind of a pricey. When like I do a lot of leader pricey wasn't well now address about ten thousand ahead, Tom. But it's you know, and where did you find the people to take? The course I A lot lot of. of fans followers 'cause I as successful book out. And so the book that you had out was that the voice coder was that a previous book, it's called igniting inspiration. Okay. That was my first book, and it has the earlier version of what became the voice code. The first version was in nineteen ninety nine and my master's research at the university, south Florida. So it was there all along in different versions. But when when it completed its voice code it had finally been it was clear that it was done for the first time. So what happened is I created? This course, and I knew it was going to. I just had a knowing that it was going to be powerful or couldn't have asked that kind of money for it. Right. You know? And and so I got people signed up, and it's a it's, of course, that builds momentum based on rhythms weekly cycles. Right. So cyclical learning with the coaching component right in a really intense momentum builds so does it start by the people setting their goals? Yes. How? Begins. Yeah. People can pick whatever intention that..

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