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Well, what are the many benefits of being the father of five? Wonderful Beautiful Smart. Daughters yes. I. Have Five daughters is that they are very savvy when it comes to what's going on the Internet. And they tell me Oh dad you gotTA. Do this dad you've got gotta do that try this try that. And I'm thinking okay, enough's enough. You guys know everything. I. Don't know anything. But it's come to the point where. They were right in some cases. Of course, I don't tell them that hope that I listen to this podcast. But they turned me onto a couple of things that have really been a lifesaver for me and my wife. When it comes to running all over. Town trying to get this and trying to get that. And also I also assume that everybody knows about this stuff but me because I don't. I just don't read the Internet like the young people do. So they turn out to a few things. And don't worry I'm GonNa have this in the show notes down below. So you don't have to worry about that. I'll have links to these sites so that it's easy for you to just go on there and find out for yourself. But I can tell you it made my life so much more enjoyable. stress-free. Don't have to leave the house to go get different things. And saved a ton of money. So not endorsed by the way, I am not endorsing any of these services but I can tell you that I use them. So if you can try it out and see if it works for you. Let's start with the first one. If you've not heard that you can get your deliver your groceries delivered for free. Now a lot of the grocery stores will now deliver your groceries not only will they deliver them? They'll shop for them you go online. You tell them what you want I want nine bananas, three heads of Broccoli and five. Granny Smith apples in two gallons of milk. And they will have a shopper in the store. That will go get that, and in some cases, you can either pick it up. which I don't do or they delivered. And there are delivery services that do that for you. There's probably a dozen or so. Probably one of the biggest ones this. Again I didn't believe that this would work I didn't like the idea of this whole thing. People buy my groceries picking out my bananas or whatever may be but I was amazed when I tried it there's a fee for it I. think it's nine dollars and ninety nine cents a month or a hundred dollars for the whole year whatever. But you know how we go to the grocery store, the pharmacy or Costco or SAM's Club wherever. We go in there for four things we come out with forty, right Happens to me every time. So. Yes. I do pay ten dollars a month whatever it is for unlimited number of deliveries to my home. It's well worth it. It's saved me more than ten dollars a month. So instant card is one of the more popular ones I know there are some regional ones. There are some local ones I encourage you to use local if you can. It's always good to help out our local businesses. regional businesses but I'll put a link down below to the INSTA- cart. Website and you can check it out for yourself and see if it works for you. Now the other area that I want to help you save some money on is in pharmaceuticals or prescription drugs. It can I assume everybody knows this if I know what I assume everybody else does but He was talking to a client yesterday. These people are extremely wealthy. And I thought they knew about this stuff they didn't know about INSTA- car first of all the lady was absolutely amazed about heart. She said, really, how can I sign up I center link instantly she signed up instantly and I think today she's already got a delivery come to her house This is very important because this woman. She's sixty six years old. She's extremely mobile capable. Every sharp lady however, her husband has a very serious the. Diagnosis ends in a wheelchair. So you know for her to go to the grocery store by herself. Leave him alone is a problem obviously for her to bring her husband is also a problem whether he just sits in the car or not. Can you imagine what she has to go through every time if she needs a gallon milk or runs out of paper towels? To nightmare, she was amazed about what instagram would do. But she also didn't know. About some of the pharmaceutical savings that I showed her. Now her husband again, I'll use him in particular. He takes medication that seventeen hundred and twenty two dollars a month. With insurance. Data very rare drug. Mentioned he's got a very serious condition. Chronic. Of course, there's no generic substitution for it at Seventeen, hundred, twenty, two dollars a month. And they have Medicare and again, these people are extremely wealthy. Seventeen hundred dollars isn't a big deal for them. However, everybody wants to save some money. So. What I said to her was. Let me do some research for you. Let me find out who makes that drug. Thought out who makes the drug shirt off to that drug manufacturers website and as a coupon. For the next ninety days, he could get a ninety day supply of medication for thirty dollars. Ninety days for thirty dollars. Had I not done that she would have gone to the pharmacy and paid seventeen hundred and twenty two dollars and forty three cents. Amazing she was absolutely stunned now this manufacturer's website by the way. Some of them are income based. In some cases if your income is low enough, you just tell them your income is whatever it may. You may qualify to get the medication for free. But in this case, it didn't ask for any income questions and again, these people are very wealthy. And she was just amazed. Ninety Day supply for thirty dollars. She was very, very happy. Somebody gives you the names of a couple of. Opportunity To. Save. If you haven't heard of good Rx DOT com. I don't know why I use it. I was a skeptic at first used it. Love it, recommend it to all my clients. I have a stack of good Rx cards in my office and you don't need one. I handed out everybody that comes in you go to the doctor's offices they also hand out modest you probably see their yellow and white. Terrific, program. I don't know how they make their money, but I can tell

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