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I think they saw two thousand of them. In the first first day. These are like bad ass flannels. Yeah you WANNA go and get in on it go to four. WBZ Get those flannels because when they're gone you know what they're just gone. They're not restocking him so definitely if we get in on it. I know I got a couple of them. Ordered you guys should to for sure. They're worth it. They're bad ass so yeah once again. This is the full parts down and dirty show offroad addition powered by Polaris harassed razor on. I tunes of you having already hit the subscribe button. Please leave a rating enter review when you do but please hit that subscribe button man helps us out gets you get all of these shows plus plus. You get all of my national show this. We Got George Steinbrenner. Yes you know that name from the New York Yankees. He's also an INDYCAR team owner. We got power rankings tiffany stones onto Taco the latest in Offroad News as well in it is definitely a good show also spent a week out in so cal actually not a week just a few days. spent some time at monster stir energy. I gotTa Tell Ya man. They're Jim. There is insane recorded an episode for a new show. I've gotten my good friend John McCall awesome that coming up about a month out from launcher that but but I also when I was there spent an afternoon at the deacons yes Brian Dig and he's got a new podcast coming out on podcast one called the Degan family podcast but but spent an hour recording filming an interview with Brian Deegan talking about his career and you know in just amazing fistfights rivalries as with Pastrana and Dave Mirra ghost rides you know you know and then his family where they're out today really good stuff Brian Deegan where about a week out from dropping that I think he has a really really gonNa love that one and hits so that is going to be dropping on project actions. You want to go get my project action podcast on Itunes as well hit the subscribe Button Lear rating review as well and for all things just pretty much a bad ass yeah and enough of all of this me talking and all this other stuff and give you giving you guys the intro and the runaround yeah subscribe everything right. We're doing some awesome stuff here and we want you guys to hear it but all that being said we're. GonNa take a short commercial break in now now. When we come back it is going to be wes Miller on the line with me and we're GONNA BE TALKING BAJA. UTV's ATV's and probably some big changes in the the industry in a row for longtime good dude so looking forward to that hang tight. We're going to have a short commercial break and we'll be back after this on the four parts down and dirty thirty show powered by Polaris Razor. You want extreme performance reliability and the most fun you can have on four wheels. 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When at the dealer show they brought a bunch of us out there and we that was when the new dynamics launch and all of us were out there for in they took us on a trail ride to try it out. I think trying to think back on my might have been last time. We actually interview so it's been way too long man yeah yeah. It's been a little bit but uh we needed something to talk about now. It's finally right well. Let's talk about it. I got a feeling dude I mean was this this is it's a little bit of redemption because I mean there's a bunch of. He said she said about last year and I mean facts are pretty much. Rob Man like this has got to feel really good to come back a year later and take this win yeah yeah. There's definitely some history went into this. you know. I don't want to rehash last if you're too much but there's I definitely some difference of opinion on how things went down there and you know. I wasn't very happy about it. I felt like there was a a really made been made and results got changed nine days later without explanation but whatever whatever so yeah when we went into this race is like you know yeah. I had a little bit of a chip on my shoulder is like I don't want to win this race and we really feel that way going going into a lot of them but I felt like we'd spent all summer testing mason changes on the car kind of simplifying the things and really taking the thing off the car that had been issues in the past and you know all of where testing was doing great leading up to this and I I just I kept telling people you know. This is the most call most prepared I had felt going into a race. It's a long time and I just. I had a game plan in my head of what we wanted to do and I. I don't think we could've executed it. Any better boss boss. I know you you know you love on the bar races. We'll see up here once in a while in the states where predominantly kind of stick stick to BAA and we'll get into that in a little bit you know the thing about is like voice said there. There's a lot of luck like you can prepare and prepare and prepare but there's so much luck involved with winning and bond. I mean there's so many things things that can happen. They're out of your control. I mean have a perfect race car and all of a sudden get to a bottleneck or something like that and then just like you're done. You know there's so much luck that goes involved in winning being there. You know what I mean and I feel like it was one of those like you can approach it. No you know hey I have one of the best cars we've done our homework pre on everything else and then you get into the race fifty miles and something something happens out of your control and you're like. Oh Damn well raises over you know but I feel like I don't think people realize how hard it is to win in Baja because there's all these outlying factors that that you can't even prepare for you know yeah I mean I it's true I do think that you know preparation is is key and you'll going down there fully prepared and and having a game plan and then you know but you've always got to be able to trying to think on the fly and just go by the seat of your pants down there. You know like you said it it it is Baja. You never know what's going to happen. You may come around a corner and there's a pickup truck coming on you or you know a a donkey in the road or a cow or you know or like you said you've come up on a bottle neck and it'll but that's the bottlenecks you know and a lot of that stuff. It's that comes down to pre running and having experience down there and when we're proud in you'll I'll think about okay. This is an area. There might be a bottleneck. If there is a bottomless your what do we do and you try to have a game plan so that when you come to those sections some of the areas there's just nowhere to go and you're through but.

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