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Ten roughly. So late Sydney even for me. Okay. Here we go. Number Four. What is it that one's? HP. Intel is it Intel. Microsoft Davis correct in town. Is. Similar. Excuses excuses to correct so far found one in Sydney is one. Goes get a slowdown here at shut up. Here we go. Oh Dude. Again. Oh, I know what it is still going to be mad at myself. Get found him surprise. Oh I can hear it. It's like there's something the state there's like Boom Boom Boom Zoro is Zorro or not sorrel. These are actually all from the current time of twenty. Just. And I'm really surprised. You don't know this one. Barry. At Sydney any guesses? I have? No idea. Let's TMZ Oh. Dude again. Today at least twice a day that's I wasn't even going to some like that it was going TV or computer I. Think I don't know. Can you imagine think about the person who had to come up? It's like, Hey, can you write us a little logo sound And they came up with that and it works. Yeah I don't know mazing gel gale wasn't. Really jail closing the bars you'll billy okay. Next One K. Chime with your name on this one because I think you'll all get it. Balance Yes. I don't remember it one more time. Balanced. Yes netflix. Yes. Yes. That's what. Every last week. We were talking about how they were. The original sound was going to be a goat bleating. But then they decided. Maybe not. Yeah. Now that's just the og sound. No go to not only guy side note when we went to the big stone mini golf place this weekend they have like a big huge horse and a cow on a goat and I actually got to hear a like goats screaming and I hadn't seen it in person I was like. What was going on video now, I was being a horse at care act. I was GONNA eat all of his leg and I got roll nervous. So. Yeah we have more of these jennings that's at. The Sydney want to run something by. Okay. Let's here. So, I'm out of the suburban suburban is in excelsior on Saturday afternoon. And it was me and Susan and were sitting there at the patio table for two outside and four dudes. Sit Down next to us and they were probably twenty twenty one you know sketchy looking with the gauges and things like that. Go God so scratchy then guess she's GonNa ask you if you tried to put me on with them but that's not my titan no, no, no no. So what happened was were sitting there and we're you know we're just having lunch. And every other word, these guys mouth top of their lungs was at this. That's a bunch asked. Urine Hafer. F You owe it was ethin- cool dude dude. S. S S., and then they said, yeah I. F- and hated here America's sucks. I. WanNa live in Canada Yeah Dude Canada Ethin-. Rocks and I was I don't care about what they say light Canada I was more like can you guys not swear? Kenya not yeah and I'm a big fan of swearing you ever listened to our after the show podcast you big span of swearing Sydney. It depends on what kind of mood I'm in. Okay. All right. So would you said anything to these guys because I did not I was very passive aggressive I muttered Susan. How annoyed I was, but I didn't say anything to him. Would you said anything I would have absolutely just giving them a dirty look like I would've just been staring at them like I can hear you and you're making me really mad. Yeah. They would've probably thought that you'd like I dunno available but the dirty look maybe not I know I'm really good at making facial expressions. So you'll know if I'm like into you but you're going to know if I really hate you. I appreciate that about you. I think I feel like I. Give off that Vibe. You know if I like you or if I dealt but I will say that would you said anything to him would I I the I am this kind of person I am a imitator. So. When someone does something super annoying I imitate it. Yes sort of been like, what am I right Jay. that. You like. Other people around. So ever thought about that too. But then I didn't want to be like the jerk to other people rather handles, but they're probably thinking the same thing Sidney. It's always that he's telling you this story by the way because he had a much more exciting story happened this weekend. He went to go to the ukulele store and they were closed and then he went to the bird feet store and they were closed. Through. So annoyed. Devastating. I literally have never laughed so hard on one of your weekend update and I know you weren't trying to be funny and I go jake listen to Dave weekend update and it made me laugh so hard because it was literally like. Young. Kids being annoying at the suburban. For This is why I got to retire soon. My expiration date is coming up really soon it was just an off weekend. It made me laugh so hard. Stay at the table you're the suburban. There's four dudes F F F as America socks moved to Canada, what would you've done I would have ignored it not said anything. Yeah. I worked in the restaurant industry long enough to know that there's people out there that are road and they don't have any acknowledgement of the people around them and they just don't care I wanted to. And they don't get it. I WanNa do the thing I took a picture of my stealthy picture and it's GonNa Post it. But then I didn't really thought I don't know really one of embarrass him if somebody recognizes them I know this is a little bit different than what you're saying but you've refine like okay. So I have a friend WHO's really loud and I find myself talking quieter in hopes of pick up on it and go quieter and they never do. So like I was like. That's so crazy like to a soft tone and they pick and there's like. You. Hear your voice or there's like someone like all of we sleeping. There's this person that I've I've seen multiple times and they'll come over and I'm like. I mentioned the baby sleeping and just they are very unaware of the register of their voice. It's so loud. They don't get it and I'm allowed person by. person. Hey Sydney thanks for being on with this I knew go back to bed. Got To catch up on some sleep. So thanks for talking to US see. Sydney, on Instagram, give me your instagram one more time and is Sydney Monroe if to is at the under Sydney. Okay. Very Good Sydney. Thank you so much. This has been this week on campus with a little extra thrown. There's actually change plan. We're not doing good news now. We this is a moment. We need it. We need to. Geneva Confront you about something we do. Jenny called me into her studio the second ago she's like, did you see this and I said I actually did see it and I was like what is happening but I just let it go because you're strange person. Dave. Is Thought. You WanNa say yeah. So Dave has a new email signature. It used to be just likely written with voice to tax please excuse anything that doesn't quite make sense. Well. Now, there's an addition to it. Yet I didn't know if it was part of a signature if he just wrote it to us, but I saw wide is it what it is dave quote my diamond hat is too tight quote Ryan. Yes are we supposed to know what that means that reference? Is it your new email signature I was referencing Guys is so annoy. Joke? Because what was the subject of the email? It was about somebody who's talking about how they always have trouble with Oh, my God, it was in.

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