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E T or unusual in the first half. When the T mobile halftime show ego ahead. All right. Thanks much. Dave Lee are I coach Caruso thirty-five nothing Saint Thomas after one half of play your reaction. Excuse me. Spanish, I drive it. Just really wish that we didn't have. Timeouts. So we could be in better play. 'cause they're making everything we thought they do they want to make a commitment to run the ball. And the second half will tell us a lot. Are they gonna run the ball and be happy with the way things are going or are they gonna try and make a push forward? And actually throw the ball. We'll see. All right, some creativity for you. Josh parks says a couple of touchdown runs and he touchdown pass to his quarterback Jacques para. Yeah. And those are really aren't all. I mean, those are. Hi statistical plays just based on the way, they're playing. So they're playing we know teams are going to play us different than what we see on film and the way they're playing. I mean, they were they were they were giving us some opportunities. But he plays when Emmitt piece or scored late in the second quarter. He's the fourteen Tommy to have a touchdown this year. So you guys have spread it out. That's really cool. I didn't know that. But it just shows his running back skills there when we're able to get him the ball in the slot and on screens. He didn't nice job making sure he got passed level one and then using his skills. Finally your defense. I know you'll find something to tweak a shutouts a shutout day or I mean, Glenn Davis. John out too. It's it's good. We have three missed tackles. So.

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