Barbour, Clinton, President Trump discussed on The Mark Levin Show


Let's continue michael washington dc the great wmal go bankrupt take marco american liver uh i did vote for barbour i did not vote for clinton or trump but here's analysis at his other outgoing to merck rebel euro and after plenty president we don't deal with you know quite that that the crisis and though for me personally ronald reagan was the wrong that all level iguodala for you to go and i'll be honest with you up perc update that might can buddhist situation if he product appropriate you're appointing the follow reagan british grit and our main thing go always happy nuclear work out pretty fed up of dealing with foot guy or any weren't threaten his country quipped it's a beautiful nation i did get a transfer fee burke employee go you know to mid wet welcome lovely country got watch it on national geographic earn your work that out over everybody to praying for perk amarkhole hold on out don't run off or what you're seer what you're saying is give trump a chance he's trying to stand up to this guy he's out proper there why why did you look pregnant we called of who you wrote or four when you got the president out near know are we here and i remember ronald reagan had his nation wrong i remember therapy i remember recovery stock market i'm not a morning four but are ready for the newspaper of ordinary that arab wanted enough veil that i just don't read to walk the poles got my you you know to walk northbound got be re or grandma there were no more and more oh yeah i knew my driver didn't you know i'm not work the computer i know how to turn rent broke out what clinton couldn't get malvo what are you i work on car really here mechanic yep our work all cars and we acknowledge garnered power your work your job though here or there bro you don't you're not been you thank.

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