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This works in that area the case right i mean one theory is that there was a vacation and a lot of coincidences nothing bad happened and we've reported that theory another theory of the case is that were shenanigans but how does it work is it some sort of bribery collusion pile on where they get wind of what other allies on their side of the ledger doing and they say oh this looks like a an effort way to get influence with these relative novices might end up in charge of us policy or how does this actually play out so we're obviously into the realm of informed speculation are at this point but don't forget the new york's what i do baby okay well let's do it the new york times has reported nbc news is not confirmed about another trump tower meeting where the maradas air prints of blackwater fame who was also at this sales meeting was there with the emirati george nader and they offered essentially to help the trump campaign and so the question here is were they helping during the election did they step in after the election to try to broker a back channel so the russians could could essentially seek to extract concessions if they were looking for in exchange for the help they provided the trump team during the election these are all questions that we think the mo team is asking betsy i think one thing that's really important about this story that i sort of buried several paragraphs down is that there was a separate counterintelligence investigation specifically looking into the influence operations that the murat he's had in place going into the two thousand sixteen presidential election that's really important because what that means is that this is no longer just the russia investigation this is the foreign influence investigation another piece of this it's really important is the extent to which this is likely to raise temperatures in the white house one thing i can tell you that the single biggest.

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