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A bigger something wasn't a big deal in a smile is that what it was no but yeah yeah well don't worry he's dead he's Dominican so it's five long as yeah yeah well yeah no but I I have to tell you that I struggled a little bit on the sites what to get you because I I actually sat there for about ten minutes and I'm thinking you know you're not a large human being by any means so if I get to it you probably are a small in this thing but then I'm like I don't know your little curfew so maybe you're a medium but if I get you a medium and then that's too big then are you gonna be upset with me thinking you know that I think that you are that size again I haven't seen the thing because I ordered it all out it's a tricky thing to come on I usually I like listen if you're buying like something that's a triple Axel al that's one thing that I meet you know she's not I mean when I want the medium but what all is not as I like a challenge I mean now you know what it feels like to be me because you're not wrong like I'm gonna just say it like I have a big castrate and and you know that's you it's that's what I mean yeah it's hard out here to have such a shape all have all birds but some people are very sensitive about that and I didn't want to buy something that in that implied that I thought she was larger than she is because I don't I think she's tiny so I went I went with the medium but I did it because of of the fact that I think you know it's it's look it's it's harder with women because women you could be tiny with a big test and then you become a medium when you would be a small they just need a big boob fat **** store for people I like a big and tall for one big big move small ways about it the store for just like the shape of the thermometer we call them at six o'clock straight up straight down because I get the knobs at the top yeah you know what I B. B. C. ng like a popsicle stick over here I think that it was a small though because I'm.

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