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Five 25 25 minutes after the hour with their shot in frank marilyn's wake up call talk radio six eighty wcbm fired so we're talking about should that the to the government gets shutdown again on i think the president should continue to stick to his guns uh just like he did last time a dealing from a position of strength that's exactly what happened and we have of course of our listeners sanger's his rob fred saying good old barbara comstock in virginia says we don't need to shutdown another rhino she shows are true colors never mind the illegal invaders committing gang crimes clogging up roads taking jobs housing and urinating at bus stops in montgomery county odds that happened in wheaton yesterday we'll take a look at that story coming up at the other side of the news but yeah of their done thought willing to cut a deal and if there are willing to calmed in adopt the four pillars of the trump proposal than uh than maybe they should shut down but that deadline is march v i see i personally think the president already proved that he is more than willing ready and able to to negotiate this deal and of democrats aren't willing to come to to the president's position and let it expire let the unconstitutional obama daca deal expires march fifth and then of course after the dreamers start hammering the democrat party they'll be in a much more i guess agreeable mood to cut a deal at that point let's get the governmentfunded keep it open for the next two six weeks to year especially the military and then we can worry about the daca after the march deadline expires and all bets ross will you know the president has some aces up his sleeve you're obviously because he wouldn't the kind of a baiting them to go go ahead you know shut it down shut the government shutdown is out of the equation if because chuck schumer even chuck schumer i think is smart enough to know that if there is a shutdown he will be blamed for it.

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