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After I had set up a couple of hearings without being able to serve noted with papers I went to him and said look. Let's find mildred. Because I can set up hearings all day but what difference does it make if we can ever locate mildred? And so he set off to do that. I have given this story to other people and sometimes the the blowback is that I am trying to justify what John did or that. I don't think he's a bad guy. I mean clearly. The guy is a bad person with very very severe problems. I wouldn't try to justify that but there's more to this story. These preliminary decisions get made and people freak out about him because you're dealing with people's real personal lives and their intimate relationships with kids people who go through the process get really disturbed by that. I've been involved in a number of cases where the end result shootings. Tacoma was fairly famous for an incident. Where the chief of police shot is soon to be ex wife and killed her out the chief of police right so that guy must have had some degree of normal personality but then he lost it any melted down and it's not uncommon for these things to result in a lot of violence. One way to hopefully avoid that. It's possible is to have people air their grievances in court win or lose. They've at least been able to tell their story now. I'm not saying that that should require mildred to come stand with John by her side. By John. Muhammad's out there wandering. There was some process that could have played out where everybody could have had their day in court and he never did so I get. I tried to make clear that I I think what he did was horrific. I think it's It's just evil stuff but the kind of background story to it. That should be here. It is that I think there are ways that the system failed to defuse that kind of problem and instead it just sort of threw gasoline on a fire if we do not address the systemic failures that occurred in this case. I worry that there are other. People like that wandering. The streets and people are going to die if this problem is addressed in a better way just a week after John Lewis. The kids tragedy struck apparently up slain has just crashed into the World Trade Center here in New York City. It happened just a few moments ago had been meeting with John in my office. When the World Trade Center was burning to the ground he had no interest in any of the politics. He wanted to see his kid. John would later say that. Losing his kids was his own personal. Nine eleven it was surely a low point in his life. He lost his money in the rate and Antiga. He was living in a homeless shelter and now he'd lost his children. John's friend Robert Holmes the same friend who reported John to the FBI says John was devastated. Homes told Vanity Fair in two thousand four quote. I think that after his kids got taken away. John had a nervous breakdown. I'm not a professor or a doctor. John changed a million subtle ways. He'd spend all day some days just crying. All he could think of was getting his kids back. Back in. Fort Myers Florida Lee Boyd. Malvo was also struggling. He was trying to adjust to yet another new living situation. Lee had enrolled as a junior at Cypress Lake High School. He was getting good grades in His classes but he was struggling to navigate. The American system Lee wanted to go to college and one day. Become an airline pilot. But he didn't have a necessary documentation to sign up for the SAT's so we turn to John for help. Who thought that John had been a bad influence on her son and forbiddingly from talking to him but on weeknights. While worked at Red Lobster John would secretly call able to distinguish between Muhammad father and I had wanted and Mohammed Americans work. That will just fall into these. John told Lee get him into college but John wanted something in return and he needed to join him. In Washington John. Wildly money for Greyhound. Lee says that some time late in two thousand one after his mother fell asleep he packed up his clothes a tennis racket. And a portable. Cd Player. He snuck out of the house at four thirty. Am and got on a bus headed. Northwest Lee arrived in Bellingham Washington. A week later when I first in Bellingham. He told me that he's searching for the children. You said in order to get the children we're GONNA have to be whatever it takes. I looked at him as my family and my siblings. So I'm like okay. We're GONNA do whatever it takes. I understand abetment. Every time.

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