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They're super convenient for those of us running to and from work and On our way and things like that so the opposite would be eat healthy plant based diet Many of us in the second spoke as get enough sleep and many of us feel like we're too busy to get to bed on time just too much on our plate that it's in a you know we'll be inefficient that we can't give ourselves the gift of a good night's sleep so get enough. Sleep is one of the spokes Another spoke i'm going to jump. A few here is hydrate. You know many of us do what i used to do. I was so sick. I powered myself up in the morning with a giant coffee and at lunch had a diet coke. Oh i love. The like bubbles tastes are so addicted to it and then in the evening we bring ourselves down with glass of wine or two and the issue with all of these bad habits. I used to have which got me in the place of being chronically ill while working is the problem is that They you're not any better for any of them you know and what trying to show people as the actionable opposite is is how this wheel was created so upgrade your products that means not using toxic chemicals in the products you use on your body lotions and shampoo and soap and even products in your house a lot of us..

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