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He's in line for a second promotion is your job garbage click the add or go to my computer career dot EDU you take the free career valuation today you could start your new life as an IT pro in as little as four months classes meet just twice a week it's not rocket science it's my computer career dot EDU when patients leave the hospital they hope the worst is behind them but surprise medical bills can be devastating millions of Americans receive costly surprise bills each year that they thought were covered by insurance and get this patients get stuck with bills well insurance companies walk away with big profits over thirty five billion dollars last year local communities get hit the hardest especially in Virginia insurance companies want to make it worse by refusing to pay doctors for their services ultimately leading to a shortage of health care and your communities congressman don Beyer has a choice side with insurance companies that refuse to pay their fair share or provide doctors with the resources to administer lifesaving treatments to patients tell congressman don Beyer that it's time to stop surprise billing hold insurance companies accountable and stand up for Virginia doctors and patients for more information visit stop surprise medical bills dot com that stop surprise medical bills dot com paid for by doctor patient unity yes the kids right now seven can hit music station eighteen forty eight hours by Taco Bell did you guys know that talk about is a way to get bacon eggs cheese and an entire hash brown wrapped inside a grill tortilla I know it's like it's a secret or something try to breakfast contract only talk about and now back to the countdown eighteen.

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