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Julian Norton Dennis Away. Officials plan to shut down the H three freely and each direction for Corona virus testing again tomorrow. Despite concerns from the federal government, the state filed a request to close the freeway before Tuesday's massive event. And the Federal Highway Administration denied the request and sniff in Department of Transportation spokesman told the 100 Star Advertiser that the denial letter arrived hours before testing was set to begin but after the freely had been shut down The Hawaii Department of Transportation says federal officials were concerned about the unprecedented move negatively affecting traffic safety and operations at the Marine Corps base in Cannes, Yohei. But local officials carried on with the idea, saying they thought Corona virus testing was far more important. And worrying about consequences right now. They also claim it's the only large site they can use to test his many people, as are expected and encouraged to come out this week. 10 employees of the Maui police departments where Lucas station have tested positive for Corona virus since last Thursday. The outbreak more than tripled when seven new cases were reported just yesterday. MPV believes one of the three originally infected employees spread it to everyone else. The department says None of the employees are first line, meaning they're not sworn patrol officers and have minimal contact with the public. Police have opened a second degree assault case. In what and I they received a report that a 10 year old girl was being assaulted by a relative with crutches while at a local medical facility. The assault happened over a two day period. In August, Police arrested a 35 year old man and 33, year old woman on second degree assault and abuse of a family or household member charges.

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