Your B2B Clients Deserve Your Best B2C Service #1007



B. Two B. Clients are people to. Seems like a silly thing to say but I genuinely believe that a lot of times we treat our end consumers very differently than we treat out. B. Two B. Clients and not in a good way I. Think we focus a lot more on the cooks in the vagaries and the the wants needs and desires of Aaron consumers. And not so much on those are B. Two B. Clients. I think what happens is that we we kinda treat a B. Two B. Clients as. As a tool as another member of our team, maybe as a distribution that work rather than treat them as individuals and I actually think that if you if you were trading your B. Two B. Clients as well as you would treat your beat to see customers. I think you'd actually find you have a very different relationship. What do you think next time you're dealing with your clients ask yourself if this was an in consumer if this was a personal customer who had just purchased a few hundred dollars, worth of my product, would I be treating them anymore differently than I'm treating this B. to be Klein right now and if the answer is yes, maybe it's worth having to think about. That is it for today I do thank you for your time and we'll be back again tomorrow.

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