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Yes. I have a guess the quotes and Chris isn't here. There was ketchup dripping down the wall who said that. The Swedish chef. No. We saw a Cassidy hostage in speaking of the president's throne as lunch against the wall when AG his AG fact checked his election full as the AG called it. Baby didn't like that. Okay. I should have known it wasn't the Swedish chef. Cathy and shroff tweets for people wondering what Democrats have done well for one thing. They fought tooth and nail to even have this committee Pelosi got it done. Thank you. Thank you. Can you imagine the American people never knowing this story? It's Republicans won. And put idiots like Jim Jordan who were involved in it on there to throw their own feces. It would have been another version of what happened in the capitol if they let Jim Jordan. Right? Oh, it definitely happened again. Yeah, it's like, OJ, would you like to lead this panel about whether. Okay. Andrea in Reno, hello, Andrea. People have thoughts. Stephanie. Hello. I wish I had some good news today, but unfortunately not. I was just listening to another progressive show on free speech TV this morning. And then I got back on I looked up on Google on through The Associated Press over 1 million swing voters in 43 states. I know I've heard that. All right, thank you. I've heard that again. I feel like there's a lot of information out there that's designed to try to suppress the democratic vote and depress democratic voters. She's talking about that they've registered Republican. I don't know what that's about. All I can tell you is every polling expert that I've talked to or seen said a ten point swing in, I don't know what it is. Less than a month is the biggest they'd ever seen toward Democrats. Right. Right. It has been a ten point swing towards Republicans to Democrats up now by I don't know how many. So we're going to focus like a laser particularly on what we just saw yesterday. Yeah. Saving democracy. Democracy. Right. Exactly. And that between that and row, I just, I get it. I understand the doom scrolling in the naysaying and oh, Democrats could still Republicans are scared. Between row and yesterday. Focus eyes on the prize. 29 minutes after the hour. Kimberly Johnson next. You are listening to 8 20. Here's the latest Chicago traffic

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