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Who were serving a felony your personal servants public employees first responders public healthcare workers but also people served up a lot other ways and to me they're all we value and we miss and we honor and we honor their families and so I came to the conclusion that even though we saw some progress in Washington in terms of including in the stimulus support for the families of first responders who were lost we did not see the kind of consistent support that these families would need so I said I want to see the state legislature provide full line of duty death benefits for any city worker died because of cold air during this crisis Mr mayor thank you as always I hope you have a safe Memorial Day weekend any observances that you're planning personally what we're going to figure that out but again like so many new Yorkers can be low key and very local and keep it simple and and with a real sense of remembering why Memorial Day exists honoring those who served us and gave their lives for us talking next week thanks a lot thank you Brian Brian Lehrer of WNYC more to come next time on the New Yorker radio hour would you volunteer to be infected with the coronavirus to test the potential vaccine many of the people that I have seen volunteered to be a subject in human challenge trials seem to think that they are low risk we know so little about this virus other than that it can be lethal the ethics of human challenge trials.

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