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I would love it a pitcher. Basically tell the manager you sit you don't know do not. Which is what Mike Mussina did to? Joe Torry. Game was different back then. Just plus it's it's twenty years ago. You. Know I mean it's not like we're it's not like we're talking black and white here. Don't know. Those are also the kids now kind of grow up and young players are used to having this as part of their baseball experience their school, Minor Leagues, College. But wouldn't that be the equivalent of I guess I don't know. Guys who are pitching now, who would do that right? It's Justin verlander. It's Max Scherzer right? It's those types of players you've seen quarterbacks say don't we're not putting right Philip rivers. peyton manning. It's older guys who have earned it. Will Messina obviously was. Certain Guys Kim, pull that stunt. Not Everybody can but I'd love it. If Blake, Snell done no way. This is my this is my entire. Life right here. You know I've been dreaming of this. This is what he dreamt up in the backyard. And what a trip is a kid, this is why I lift all wakes. This is why when and did X. Y. and Z. I dunno snow spend a Lotta time in the minors but. I mean, it's not it's his legacy to. Yeah, he's now forever the guy who got taken out and his team lost the world. Series. And think again, we we are preceded by Dan's show here on peacock I heard his conversation with Michael Wilbon on the way in Dan's right. There's more outrage about Tony Larussa getting the job. In, CHICAGO. Then Aj hinch being brought off of the scrap heap of cheating. In Detroit and did you see the white sox announcing Larussa on twitter? had. A photograph of Larussa with the signet like whether it was kind of like one of those Know. Paintings or etchings or whatever that you see in in when you're buying a card or something, you're buying some sort of piece of memorabilia. It was a photograph of Larussa withdrawing and then the signature. Of Aj hinch was AJ hinch signature because they were also interviewing him and somebody made the fail. Of Putting hinch autograph out until it was taken down and now it's Larussa. Man Aj hinch was on this show and many times I loved our conversations could have been more disappointed about what I read in the report. With The commissioner. And the Tigers hired him. Yeah. It's official press conference later today, and I'll be interested when he's asked all the questions. As. He appeared anywhere. In an interview ever since losing his job and Houston haven't seen him to answer all the questions about what happened. and. You know my question, my one question would be. The commissioners report said. that. The television monitor that the astros used to steal signs. And then transfer that information to whoever banged the trash can. That you. Destroyed one of those monitors. Because you are dead set against this being done. And yet, it's still continued. So was your authority flouted. Or were you just upset because it was used one night? And the information that was related was in. Correct. And thus this system wasn't foolproof and it actually caused your team to lose and you were upset that night because he kept continuing on and if you were in charge wider, keep going on. If you were so upset, you're the one who has told you what in this report? That you destroyed the Monitor. were. You upset because you're authority was being flouted and if so why was it continued on or were you upset? that. You're authority was being flouted and the reason why did you bash the Monitor? Was it because? It actually didn't work one night. If Santiago wasn't did you also use it in the world series? That was one answer we didn't here either baseball never. Ever. came out and confirmed they said, it was use the postseason was it used in the world series? Did you use this method and the world series? Anybody asked to. And Imagine. So I would invite him to come on the show because he was one of those guys who answered every question every question. After you would hammer about the shift. He was still come on come back and so he was all he's all about the shift. Guys what I mean he's all about this shift like no way I'm giving up the shift, the numbers say X Y, and Z in. XYZ usually leads to no runs. No hits no errors. Right exactly. So. How boy? Crazy man I love the game to love baseball. So much I just wish we would be again my conversation with Walker Buehler that's coming up I just wish it would be all about you know the analytics part of it. Yes but. The fact that the everything ended the way that it did in according to Joe Kelley. Joe Kelley appeared on. E. I in Boston. Oh. According to Joe the person who informed. Joe In the bullpen about Justin Turner Cova positive test was our next guest. Appeared in the bullpen in the eighth inning. Let them know. So there's a lot of talk about and also the fact that Walker Buehler's twitter account. Is. is in fact, has in Omar to Ferris Bueller as it should. So, there's. So, much happening, right. Eight, four, four, two, zero, four, rich is the number to dial here on the show Dan Laboratory will be joining us in our number three as well Hard, work, the actor and the will join us as well. He played as as many of you know e- played a key role character in the television show power he played ghost and. He also played with..

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