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Okay. So be sure to check that one out. And we won't even say anything to David Stern. Yeah. The the big game not allowed to say what it is. But it's a big. Yes. Apparently, not Akiva. So let's get into what we have in our mailbag as we take a look at the wheel might be a little bit of a shorter a mailbag we did run along with Antonio. So we will get to things quickly here today. Okay. So a couple of housekeeping things first of all we said that have the podcast is in the name the name conspiracy. Pod people not so psyched about our New York episode, potentially. They say that it is it's already been vetoed. Maybe it's the least popular of what's now a stack wheel. But I got us adjusted from a listener what if we change the name of the New York podcast to Robin, Akiva, Salva murder rump. Yourself a murder. I thought you were going to say that people wrote in said, they watch the CSI New York episode. It's like a real Downer. No. Nope. He's just doing that much prep work. I wouldn't even make Ben Ben the assistant happily cereal. Yeah. That's true. That is true. But people had already listened to it. I don't think anybody anyone goes out of their way don't spoil it do not smoke on the did it. What do you think about Robin, Akiva, SAFA murder yourself murder? Okay. That's fine. That's fine. We and the other housekeeping thing we had a poll to put on the wheel the age old debate of Brady bunch versus grassy people were furious that we pronounce so we gotta get this. Right. Actually, it's degrasse into grant. People. You didn't see this believe me I've seen it. I've seen it. I've seen it. We were saying the Grassi, and I was probably the leading that. So Rassie tell us. We're saying wrong. We're not they will sit up. Yeah. Okay. So do you want to so it needed to the way on the grassy people really nitpicking us on the pronunciation is not helping your case in terms of getting rid of the fishbowl? That's right. Imagine with actual facts. Yeah. So digress. Verse. That's got can we just switch the pronunciation of the graphic first Brady bunch. Do you got two thirds of the vote and gets eight. Did not know got thirty nine percent of the vote. Roundly? Resume bleep eaten. Okay. Couple. Okay. Bring up something that speaking of conspiracies, I did see a couple of the listeners really taking you to task about how you said that we did not play favorites on the rob Makita pranked listeners, and that we were only gonna take five suggestions. And then you took too many suggestions from filty last week. Yeah. People wanted to know if you were trolling the audience by doing no, no I wish I was that clever filthy just had. I mean, he's ideas were really good one went straight onto the onto the wheel with a bullet an excellent fantastic idea that we'd both be happy. If it got picked right now, and the other one a lot of people were excited about and we've got a lot of, you know, Tinder makeover got a lot of tension to a lot of people suggesting they wanna be the Tinder makeover we had a guy in Chile right in and say Chile, and Tinder sounds lit. He wants us to make over his his Tinder. Nothing too. I I will I will refi ideas from shut up, Tim. If that's what it takes or not like, it's this is this is democracy. Like, you need to America, Chrissy. I guess it you need to earn your way on. And I'll we'll read a million things from you know, it's probably the same three people have all the wheel ideas. You just have to up your game. If I'm not reading your idea. I'm seeing everything we're getting hundreds of ideas every week at this point. All right. So we'll bring reading five and five top five ideas. But I was thinking what if we cut it to four now and every week on forward..

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