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Across the league right now i mean a ton of guaranteed money we know it's a long term deal most importantly this gives the cowboys the next two years of that really really good starting offense of line maybe longer if you continue to keep that core together there and you pose the question the rundown how long can the cowboys keep this window open listen it is crazy but it really comes down to obviously defense continuing to get better but what dak prescott are we going to get i know this offense of line is one of the best in the league top to easily and i know zeki leli a full season him is going to be a lot of fun no does brian anymore you've got hearns in there it's fine the defense is getting better like i said what dak prescott are we going to get and now with this move locking offense line you'd like to bet that it's the guy that played like a top fifteen quarterback recently and i might be one of those weird people that actually i feel like i'm on team dak because i look at what he did is rookie or and then what he did when zeke was in the lineup last year and he did it with does bryant kind of being a head case dropping a lot of balls and not being able to separate so i still i still believe the dak prescott can be a franchise quarterback i think doug prescott could win you a super bowl if you give him enough pieces and i think we'll find out this year if that's the case but like i asked in the rundown what what is the window here i don't believe that zeke elliott ever gets resigned there maybe he gets franchised once and then they let him walk i don't think demarcus lawrence is back after this year so build your strength and that's the offensive line we have a great running back you can just run into the dirt like a rental car and then let him go you have a quarterback who's not going to turn the ball over and if they've drafted well a defense they probably can string something together here but i'm with you i think that run is about two years before we get to the.

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