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But then people would argue. Well come on is dead fred's coming. Yeah but i believe it. You know i just i believe the story. I guess that's the difference. I believe the story. I believed when he first came back in the hospital room. And he's telling the story about he's caught in limbo was killed. But you know he's in limbo and he's gonna be walking around like this broken. It's it's yeah it's like okay. I believe that and the way they presented it and they way they they drew it up and and and execute it. I thought it was great. And then i love like you said as he kept coming back he kept decay more and more and that made all all the sense because when they first had him come back yet just slashes in his on his head and all the honest with you when he first appeared when he first appeared with that makeup. I was more concentrating. I'm like looking at the makeup to goddess. That was a mazing makeup. It was really good. 'cause you could see the. There's like the little flap of hang lashed in any like. Oh my god. That's amazing work. You're believable and then like you said they kept. He kept he king and then the last time we see him. He's you know he's basically as a skeleton with some of the dead flesh around these like green and you know i. I think that had to happen to convinced. David naughton that he's going to change and who else to believe but his friend you know like i. I think it works that way too if somebody else were trying to convince them. I don't think it would have worked. But the fact that his friend who loved and trusted and was good buddies. You know good longtime friendship came back and said listen. This is what's going to happen but then like you said he still didn't believe it but then just things then. He kept visiting him again. And then it's really started to sink in wait a minute. Then he had these nightmares. It's like okay. I never had these before. Member even told the the nurse. I can't remember her name but like naw. The i mean i've had nightmares but nothing like this. Oh my god when they when they came in and kill the family holy shit that was nuts and and then he wakes up and she's like oh i got just the thing where she goes on opens up the curtains she gets stabbed enjoy. Holy shit. yeah. That was great cook when he first gets into hospital and all. The nurses are like all gaga or asking the orderly. You know how is he is he. Okay and he's like i. I don't know i just pull stings around i push i do great even why. Oh yeah. that's yeah yeah it just it just works and i think that's really why because it wasn't trying to be over the top goofy you know just stuff that's just not even believable To me it just the way he wrote it and the characters and the story and you know we always go back to this. You know if if you've got a good script and a good story and good actors and you execute it well and it's believable you've got something you know and Whatever you're trying to do and you know this is one of the toughest like we've talked about. This is one of the toughest films in my opinion to do. Is to combine horror and comedy. It's really tough to do that for. Maybe other people are totally cool with it. They don't get it. It's not a big deal but for me it's it's a tough one and I just remember watching the saturday going. Wow they did it right. This is this is it. this is the one. This is the one that i can just. I can tell rob it works. It's there you know and You and i may not agree on all the others and that's fine. But yeah i love landis when i saw his name pop up all giddy and i knew it was gonna be. You know. i'd heard really good things. I knew it was going to be a really decent film. How good i didn't know but Yeah i just. Diana watched it with me. She liked it. Oh yeah she was. She was down here on the couch. You know she's got this book. She reads on her phone. You know like kindle thing and She put the phone down and started watching. And you know. I told her. I don't think it's going to be really you know it's not a slasher film. It's not gonna be all gore. i mean there was. There was a little sore but not really though. I don't think well when he was getting. You know the body body scenes. Yeah very realistic. It well you know the the thing is is that you. I'm a huge. We're will fan. I love we're wolf. Move yes and I was so glad to see when i saw this movie. And i'm like oh here. We go actually another really great movie that i can add to the pile of great world movies that and then there's not many and this. It was fresh to see this. Oh cool i love. Is you know the mood for a world. Moving on just don't have to watch the original. Wolfman i was like. Oh this is good. This is has everything in it. Time that i need and And then you know you. You know like the halloween came out. And i was like. Oh my god. I love that movie and then he got ginger snaps and dog soldiers. And you know there's a couple of other ones that anthony hopkins to one. Yeah anthony hopkins was in the remake of the wolfman and how was that depending on. What's when the original theatrical release. I hated but when i saw the director's cut it so much better off. Okay really good. It's not where. I thought it could be because i think the problem was is that there was such high hopes and expectations and he had rick baker back doing the makeup effects. And it's you know it's fantastic makeup affectionate movie. It's original monster film. yes a while. Yeah because universal studios was try is on. They're still trying to do it. Reboot classic the classic and well now. They're they're coming at it differently. Yeah the miserable man. So the the newer ones like. They're doing brighter frankenstein and frankenstein and other ones They're coming at it like invisible man so it's gonna be interesting to see because i know they want to do another wolfman Because everyone was so disappointed with their remake. Yeah and it had everything going for it. But the thing is is that the theatrical release of the of that movie the wolfman they took the love story out of it doesn't work the director's cut has the love story in and it works so much better so like this movie like american world in london. You have the love story and that works and makes the film work korean. The original wolfman has the same thing it does serve. It has a love story. And that's really what the movie is about and they took adler store the other theatrical took it out of humanity differently and you're like oh it doesn't seems missing It was good but it was. You're expecting greatness. Because he had rick baker makeup. Anthony anthony hopkins in it and Del toro's in it and allow you know that's societa director's cut. If you can find it only was founded on blu ray. That was the only time. I could find it. I'll wow so you do get a chance you own it. Yes i owned all. Okay okay yes okay. Yeah But yeah the director's cut. It was like oh. God yeah there you go when you release it that that i don't know i don't understand that. Yeah but i. I can't say enough about this film. I know it. Is you know like you said it. The the combination of horror and comedy works.

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