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I'm not always gonNa tell you what you WanNa hear but give you my opinion if you want it after twenty nine years of being on the job. I'll be happy to give give it to you. I'll always tell you some positives but I'm GonNa tell you some negatives as well back in those days either all negative or guys that are just whitewashing rushing you that was great really everything's great. You wouldn't challenges thing so either just lying or you didn't watch. You're saying he did so. I never wanted to be like that and they were guys. Certain guys are always very cool to me. like for example cogan always honest great to work with a great guy who gives the feedback into the stay still does well so. I was Kinda wanted to be more him and you know he has a reputation for some as being indeed with me was always very honest surprised to hear you say that from the start really from the start to this day and I always remembered that on and so if people ask me advice. I'll tell them what I really feel anything. That's those resigned very valuable to to Awa because once again if if the top guys are cody Kenny Young Bucks Hangman page they need Chris Jericho the Nina Dustin rose even even Jon Moxley Dean Ambrose to mean he he still needs a little advice to once in awhile is thirty four years old so there's only a certain handful of guys that have been working as long as I have that I still relevant still have the respect of the guys in the locker room that aren't office which puts you in a different world like give the straight story and I do and every time someone comes asked me what I thought if I've watched the match. I'll give them pros and cons. If I haven't seen off say I haven't seen it. But what did you think about it. Tell tell me what your thoughts are. you know I was I was I used to watch everything pro wrestling when I was in college younger than that of course now that I cover him a May. I don't have as much time I watched last night. I took time out not even because I knew you were coming in just because I was curious. It's back on Turner it. Just it just felt kind of cool but I'm wondering if you've I'm sure you hear this from some some people. I watched you when you were Y. Two J. I watch you and I was in college. Did you see this coming like this this renaissance for pro wrestling because I didn't like I see it now with new Japan doing what it's doing doing and you guys and w w with energy like it seems like it's cool to be a wrestling fan again. It really is did start with Japan and I'm not putting too much credit to my I own you know into my own credit box here but when I did the Tokyo Dome Show Jericho versus Omega New Japan world which their subscription service went from thirty five thousand two hundred hundred thousand because people wanted to see that match if you were like at nine one of us hardcore wrestling fan of you were a wrestling fan that paid attention to more than just. Wb You wanted hard to see that match and same with Jogi. Dome at six ticket sales went from thirty to fifty five or something like that just from that's called the money match and as a result a lot the people checked out new Japan for the first time to see Jericho versus the Sky Kenny Omega then saw the match Kennedy is amazing but also saw the young Bucks Okada and a Bucci and Qodian you know just Robinson and hangman page and nights on all these guys so new Japan became very hot. When they came to the states it was selling out then this so they were familiar with the cast of characters and then when the Tony Kahn thing came up and he w they kind of knew those characters from New Japan so just by proxy. If you WANNA have have a company that can be an alternative to W. I don't say compete because there's no competition they are. WTI But you need three things you need money. which has I think probably three or four times as much as the Mcmahon family does not that they're gonNA spend nine billion dollars but they obviously very successful business and I have a lot of contacts? Be You need talent by the luck of the draw. There was s eighty six or eight legit top guys you had that all of them came for contract at the same time. Kenny Matt Jackson Jackson Cody Hangman Page Jericho okay then you need tv because of the connections that the cons avenue and in a Chris Jericho the TNT exempts new plus the money plus the buzz suddenly were on TNT now now you have something that made us cool especially since WB like they've been around so long with their business practices. They are kind of like the snooty Guy on the block that used to be cool but it's really not that's how some people see it. They see a W. We're the fawns we're the coolest kids on the block now little bit revolutionary and people select to be involved from the start and last night was the first time in any of our lifetimes unless you're. I don't know seventy sixty where you can say. I saw the first episode of a Major League company Kazeem. You're talking. WBZ. They were the www F- in the fifties sixties WCW used to NWEA which is from the twenties. Maybe if you're the start of the east w started and Bingo halls this is legit our very first show ever as legit mainstream company was at a sold out for eighteen eight thousand seater arena. That's never happened before that means the businesses cool more importantly. Aws Cool did I see it coming no but I see the pieces that led to this this were the momentum was building at. I really do believe it started with new Japan that was taken to the next level by Gericault Versa Mega January fourth two thousand eighteen one thing that a lot aww fans talk about an ice relate to this in fact. I was an internet. Hbo Sports in Two Thousand Three and I was sitting in a room where they were screening tape and they're watching oprah wrestling footage and I said to them what is watching wise. HBO Watching footage and they were doing a story on wrestlers who were dying young. I don't know if you've ever saw this piece contained goes and interviews interviews Vincent Man. He hits the papers at hand. Roddy Piper says let's be honest and five years. I'M NOT GONNA be here and he ended up being sort of right amis kind of a morbid thing but these days I feel like it's it's not I duNno. I feel like there was a point where everyone that the wrestlers were unhealthy and I feel like it's an the these days it's been kept under control my right on this. It's one of those things like athletes in the seventies rockstars in the seventies Russia's and seventies and eighties and nineties saying rock and roll. You don't see a lot of heroin overdoses in rocket yeah you. I noticed that yeah the twenty seven club Jim Morrison shop and Kurt Cobaine. You don't get a lot of that. the ninety s was the last heroin decade you see that with. Wile and passing away in Andrew Wood and Chris Cornell guys in the thirties down aren't like that and it's like that in wrestling to people make jokes guys go with the rooms and play video games now. It's really true I mean when I first started. It was one foot in the old school new school. Guys were doing rails and drink these to tell you. Put You put your thumb in your beer bottle. I'm putting my thumb in the top of the beer bottle because if you don't turn away for second some is going to drop a Halcion and you drank drank a pass. Shave your eyebrows or worse. That was an everyday occurrence every day. It's just how it was not a healthy environment plus. Those guys wrestling used to travel. I'm probably exaggerating a little bit but they're on the road. Let's say three hundred days a year and they used to have the Star of David routing as as the caller still do Detroit then we're down to Dallas the Chicago then moved to Seattle them moreover to Atlanta. There was no rhyme or reason to the travel. The travel was hard. Lifestyle was hard. There's a lot of money the drug culture eighties eighties so there was a lot of guys that kind of did die very young because of that my generation a lot of my generation have died died because of that. I was never into drugs. I was never really into steroids. I like to drink but I'm not an alcoholic. I might drink three or four times a week but if I have to stop up from two or three weeks I can do that very lucky. Never Pill Guy a lot of my contemporaries weren't that lucky guys underneath me. saw what happened with the guys my. I generation even worse the guys at the general before me or like we don't want that to happen to US plus. There's very strict drug tests in. WB especially after Eddie Guerrero died from a large art no more steroids no cocaine. No We'd you take what was I taken for like synthroid for thyroid thing I've yet. He ended approved like everything so it's legit legit. It's legit yeah that might be Kinda. Be the better for me legit legit if I wanted to get his replacement therapy yet you know forty eight years old which you kind of have to start thinking about to there's no way you gotta go through the process okay so. I think that it's calmed down. Guys are much more concentrated on the art form of wrestling. You can see how the rest thing is evolved over the years as a result too because of this windfall of money guys guys are making more money than ever ever the making money that they should be getting paid like Majit mainstream. NFL players NHL players player whatever so I think the business always changes and now we're at a point in our guys more healthy they're more involved in the training and art form and and they're getting paid with this should be getting paid and especially in our company. We work once a week. The need for these live shows live events as w he calls them. Why do you do them. Why even bother what's the point. You don't make money on them. It just busy work for the guys and every wrestler has a bump card when you punch. Is that bump card. You get to the end your bump card. You're done. You don't get your done you finished so I think the way that the business is changing to more TV business with more money less stress and more of an athletic peaceful mindset. I think the business is the best place ever been right now..

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