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Walk in the wreck extra reviews right here on while talk radio dot com he's rock i'm lindsay and we're back with episode two season four of the royals and well that's not all we're back with is oh no no oh after we were you this upset we suppress is sort of for you know but we have a royal visitor on this episode of the show being in fact the king using the king is majesty robert hint strich aka max brown will be with us and we talked to him all about season four and more so you don't wanna miss it he was an absolute delight and you should listen he comes up after this yes you have to listen all the way through these don't fast forward just listen all the way through we'll try to make this as quick and painless as possible so you get to hear for max but yeah we have we have to talk about this episode because this is the fallout from episode one if you if you don't remember episode one ends with jasper being shots and he's laying on the podium and well he's dying let everywhere eleanor's like i'm back and i can't wait to see you oh wait so we cut to the hospital where jaspers being wheeled through their taking him in a surgery they're trying to ask him is there anybody we need to call and he's trying to say eleanor's name and he can't get her name out and then we see eleanor standing there watching them as they're working on jasper desperately trying to save his life for hours for hours and she's of course beside herself she's visibly upset everybody's telling her no you need to come back to palace this isn't safe and she's like i'm not leaving him not doing it not doing it whatsoever and well her mother is of course not in a you stay with him and robbie is a little less fleas because obviously he jasper they don't quite gel.

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