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D C within as delicate terror coming up in Swamp Watch about tomorrow's electoral college vote in the certification there of The farther I get into this thread from John Roderick being dead, the more I hate him. Yeah, he He doesn't hate him. He loves him. He thinks he is funny. And clever. And he wants to tell everybody I'm not seem about his life. 25 tweet thread that this guy put out about his nine year old daughter. Complaining that she was hungry, asking if she could have a can of beans. And then he Forced well. He left it up to her, handed her the Cano butter and said, You do it and then 25 tweets. Over the course of a few hours. Explained. Play by play of what was going on. And this is the A hole that I actually was a little bit. What's the word? I had a little bit of? Pity for early on. He wrote. Eventually, she collapsed in a frustrated heap. And I said, explain the parts. The parts of the can opener that I give her, she said. This little wheel is meant to cut these gears. Turn the wheel when you spend the handle this other wheel looks like a gear, but it is him. And he says she couldn't figure out the clamping step a key element right before then. He said in the tweet before, he said, I should say that spatial orientation process visual ization in order of operation or not things she into its I knew this would be a challenge, but it was a rainy weekend like I knew my daughter was going to struggle figuring this out, but I was bored, and so I decided to torture her with it. I don't know if you've seen slow Children, but those slow Children posters on the street. That's my daughter. That's my daughter's picture on there. That's what he's saying. Basically. I mean, I had said earlier in the show that that would not be my thing because I was a child and still do not know how to put things together or how they work. I need to be told. I need to read something about it. It's just not the way my brain works. But you know, my dad's not outing me in my shortcomings on Twitter, he says. So he shows her that can opener and she got a can of baked beans. And she's like, how does this work and she studies it applies it to the top of the can. Sideways she struggles for with a while with a big dramatic size says We've Please just open the can. Many rights apocalypse. Dad was overjoyed. A teaching moment capitalized a teaching moment just dropped in my lap. So He said. Neither of us will eat another bite today till we get into this can of beans. On. Then she read about for a while, anyway, it goes on for 25 tweets and people started losing their minds on this guy. We'll just feed your daughter for crying out loud, you know, And so people are so pissed off at him that he won't just open the canopy and for his daughter They start going full. Cancel culture on this guy. They they start digging into tweets. When Twitter was just getting going. And they found old. What did they find? Well, what we always find an old tweets, old, racist and anti Semitic tweets were resurfacing. Do I have any? I'm not saying that because I don't want anybody to go through your fight me like where did Shannon go Lighter all about football. Uh, It's why would somebody think that that was an okay thing? To go through his tweets no to write him to tweet that in the first place. The racist anti Semitic stuff. Yeah, I didn't read what those were. Well, I just saw them described his racist and anti Semitic. He's he says. I was ignorant, insensitive to the message that my pendant pendant dad comedic persona was indistinguishable from how abusive Dads act talk and think that in relation to the nine year old story about the nine year old, he said in his apology. My story about my daughter in the can of beans was poorly told I didn't share how much laughing we were doing, how we had a bowl of pistachios between us all day like that's food, right like that's a meal. Don't stand a pretty good. I mean, they're good, But like if you're hungry, and somebody hands you a handful of pistachios. He did say. As for my written many, Oh boy even admitted that there were many. As for the many racist, anti Semitic, hurtful and slur filled tweets from my early days on Twitter, I can say on Lee this all of those two eats were intended to be ironic, sarcastic, and he thought that being an ally to marginalize communities meant taking the slurs of the oppressors and flipping them to mock racism, sexism, homophobia and bigotry. He says he was humiliated by my incredibly insensitive use of the language of sexual assault in casual banter. Does that mean I want to see these old tweets? Yeah, like rape jokes. Yeah, I guess rape joke. Those are funny all the time. Well as we told you, this guy is a podcaster. Apparently the podcast my brother, my brother and me. Was using his music because he's also a musician. They announced it would no longer use his music as its theme for that podcast. Um, we mentioned this. Also earlier, Ken Jennings is the partner in the podcast called Omnibus. Ken Jennings. The Jeopardy guy. Ken Jennings got pulled into this controversy to in response to a tweet asking about Rodricks anti Semitic comments earlier on Twitter, Ken Jennings tweeted. If we are words searching through old tweets. Now it's pretty easy to find what he actually thinks about anti Semitism on our show. He's always the pro Israel one, which Just because you're pro Israel doesn't mean you're not anti Semetic. Whatever. Uh, in in being dad's apology, he says At one point, I was a hipster. Intellectual from a diverse community, so I thought it was okay for me to joke and deploy slurs. Because you're a hipster intellectual from a diverse community, you get to tell rape jokes. Somebody tweeted. I promised I wouldn't tweet about being dad anymore. But This is the funniest apology I've ever heard. I thought being an ally meant using slurs, but in a cool way. Funniest apology I've ever heard. Uh, full of himself. Is this guy? It's incredible that that you would then it's one thing to apologize. Like I should never have said that I was trying to be funny or I was. I was trying to use Internet sarcastic way when you When you take it out of context I can under I could see how would be offensive. Period end of sentence. I'll see you next year when I start a new podcast and open a new Twitter account, but friend to explain like I was a hipster. I live amongst intellectual hipster to, like, refer to yourself as a hipster and then throw on that adjective intellectual and then say, that's why it's cool because I can make slurs because I came from a diverse community. Yeah, the suggestion being that if you It worked on so many levels. You just don't understand them. Yeah, right. Right. Right, right. I liked death Cab for cutie before anybody like death Cab for cutie. Um, crisp stir a little antiquated down. Yes, That's Yeah, That's part of it. Also, I mean, the guy if he's got a nine year old daughter, I don't know how old he is. You could probably do some math on that figure out how old he is, but he should not be using that term. And should not definitely be using it as a as an excuse for any reason Chris wrote us. We're talking about this in the first place I get what have you done? What sort of hardship of the put your kids through simply as a teaching lesson? Chris said. We made my five my young son five ish. Try one green being a dinner before he could get down from the table. He sat there and refused so long to eat that one grieving. He fell asleep at the table. We had to put him to bed for the night. That's like John Coble. I once forced him to eat broccoli, broccoli. And it did not go. Well. If he gets sick, I think what we had to do is one year of tried to force him to eat broccoli. He wouldn't do it. So the next year we raised money. Oh, that was a katarina. He had to The donation. But his face I'll never forget his face. His body rejected. The broccoli wasn't good. I had a friend in college, whose little brother would do that refused to eat something and then would make himself throw up. Like you gotta have a green being They'd may he'd eat a green bean and then just go. Raw I Oh, God. See and sit there proudly, like I told you. I was gonna throw up. What happened to that person? Where is you know? No idea. That is a great question is probably in his mid twenties by now. We should do a segment every now and then called. This was a disaster from my past. Where are they now? Tracked them down. All right. Swamp Lodge when we come back, you're thinking of people? Yes, yeah. Series of personal car accident that our lives became entangled with Danny was that.

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