Bitcoin Still Not Sure


Couple. Of things going on, of course. I don't see it as out of the blue. Sorry out of the out of the Question Mark Zion Yet we did. Move Lawyers today and the balance. Right. Now, we just literally just close. It's It was up yesterday one point three percent. But has anything changed as far as the shot goes from a bullish perspective or has gone from bullish bearish Berisha bullish will thus the issue of got right now is Still. A little bit unclear There is a night owl cried right there right now on Bitcoin. It's today this no doubts about that. At all. It is right there in my face. Now am I going to be tried in the answer to that is no not at this moment in time and I'm paying in additionally coal ships at the moment whilst his daily job so just plays silly buggers. All right. Now if we can break up We can break up through the high of eleven thousand, five, hundred, fifty, five, eleven, five, five, five break up through that high. Then the really want shorting options available on Bitcoin for the time being anyway. Even, if it was to break down low through the trigger, mean if also try this eleven full full to. AM looking for trades around here. A like to try when the market has very clearly a security on. I'm not saying that at the moment the daily still a little bit confused the weeklies the best shot out there at it could it could really do with aluminum over pullback. We might not get it what a suggesting is that I'm happy to just during these periods of a little bit of uncertainty from point of. We're a down eleven point two percent from the highs of Bitcoins, mice, recent runs. A little bit of uncertainty the. With that's. Already being extra colours the no there on bitcoin yesterday closing eleven full seven four, which Willie I right now

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