Conversation with Stephanie March & Rebecca Perkins of SheSpoke Makeup

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Stephanie I'm Rebecca. Thank you so much for joining us. This is possibly the highlight of my whole, my whole lockdown. It's very hard to say that is a compliment was so excited, we are delighted to be a part of. No I'm so excited to which you. It's so fun to talk to people in different parts of the industry. That's. My favorite thing about this podcast, we get to all different kinds of people and you have such an individual take on where you've come into beauty. So for the listeners at home, can you explain to us how you two met? We met on the set of law and order svu Rebecca was head of makeup departments camera what seasonal was backup, but you remember. It was it was the. Eater nine. and not yet was during a triumphant return yet for Good Alex and Rebecca I. Just you know it's really important that you have a good relationship with everybody on the set but particularly people who are very you know literally picking food out of your teeth of are going wrong you haven't noticed. People who are on your person and so not only did we get along but we became really good friends and then, and then we started this business together and so that must've been crash becker. Boeing, seven years ago seven years ago when we when we started noodling it over yeah. was years ago when we started noodling and then that's right when we. opened the door and you know when you're on set your onset with people for like fourteen hours a day five days a week. So you really get to know people when they're tired when they're cold and. And you know. We near makeup artist, you're literally up in people's faces. So so you know. I think it's so important when you're going to business to have a partner and to already go into that knowing that like you know, we don't get tired of each other and we could really trust each other to to tell the truth about an idea. So that was sort of. That was that was the first good decision and then we realized. I left the show at the end of season twelve. And A. Lot of the experience of having a makeup artist wasn't something that only people who were on a set should have. And so we started doing. This makeup services tennis. But then we also started offering as a service, the ability to make makeup, and it's just it's been really fun approaching makeup as a career from so many different angles like from the production and onset angle, and then from opening a business in a service capacity and then developing products. So it's been a really. Wild ride tells on how you came to start the store for people that don't know you guys have a store in Soho in New York where you can come in and get your makeup done and craft your own products. Right. You can make your own lipsticks, which is terribly exciting all the obviously not right now but. So tell us where the idea for that I came from. Obviously, you mentioned the idea of everyone wanting a makeup artist. How did that go from a casual chat to something that is real exists you know somebody told me I think it was originally Christopher Reeve and I can't remember the three questions but it's what you ask yourself when you're deciding. Whether or not to take on a role in one of the main things is, can I bear? Can I stand to watch somebody else do this if I've been offered the job and don't take it and Rebecca had talked about doing make up a dry bar but for faces for a couple of years and she was Becky, you must have been. How was Arthur to? To okay. So so that Arthur is Rebecca's first child will boy Arthur. She said look who's doing makeup in the Hamptons actually it was worshipped as I really want to go ahead with this. Are you are you in and I thought I cannot bear to watch somebody else do this with her and not be a part of it. So that's kind it was kind of. Do we go forward or not yes or no shoes right now kind of thing and we went for it no matter what has come our way I've not regretted it since it's been an amazing experience in it's so liberating especially as an actor when you're constantly trying to get somebody else to give you a job to be in charge of your own own destiny for a little while it was so free. nuts that's where it all began. We've found this great spot and so. we'll tell you more about the story in the trajectory about that. But it we found this great spot and and it just it just happened I. Mean there's a lot more work behind it than that but that's just said yes.

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