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Dealing with an Alexandria schools and, of course, focuses So much of our attention has been Loudon County, Fairfax County. But let's not forget Montgomery County last week we told you about their, uh, just unintelligible and completely illogical Corentin policy for Children. And joining us right now is a concerned parent about that policy. Dr Jennifer Riesman psychologist in Mocoa, There's a, uh, hearing today of the Montgomery County School board about this policy in particular, But Dr Reisman, I understand that you are dealing with this first hand because your child got caught up in this. Yes. So, just last week, um last week Wednesday, in fact, and for those who are in Montgomery County parents all over. We're celebrating last week Wednesday because it was the very first Wednesday that our Children had a full day of instructions since March of 2020, because the previous Wednesday we had weather and they closed early. So it was that very first Wednesday about 3 15 was just going to go meet my daughter off the bus, and I got a call that says she had been, you know, identified as a close contact of a child with a single symptoms. So a child that had, you know, coughed at some point during the school day and went to the nurse's office, and they said My daughter had to quarantine as a result of that, because she was hanging out on the playground because her desk was near. That kid who coughed that single coffer is something like that. That's what they consider close contact that's insane. It's insane and let me just say she's not the only one. You know. I don't want to be making a big deal out of just one child. But currently Montgomery County probably has almost 2000 Children in quarantine. Just yesterday, they quarantined and entire grade level. So the entire third grade got sent home yesterday and told to quarantine for 10 days. At Highland Elementary the week before. It was the entire third grade. It drew elementary school. Um and I think we can realize that unless you know we have Children going around and like licking all of the door knobs. This is just a policy that flies in the face of all we know of science and all we know about following the actual CDC guidance. Well, just really. Yeah. No, You're right. And Julie, I know you want to jump in, but I just want to say f y I would make. It was in third grade. He probably would have left all of the door and I'm the mother of three boys. So that's what doesn't seem totally out of the ordinary. Um, Dr Reason I'm so glad to be talking to you. I'm wondering for these 2000 Children that are currently in quarantine. Do they have virtual um, you know, services set up. Are these kids still receiving education and education? So that's a great question at the middle school level. It is. I can tell you that I've experienced it firsthand. It is absolutely not education. My daughter is allowed to check in. For you know, with the teacher twice a week during the teachers free period, but otherwise she's expected to complete all of her assignments. Somehow, without any instruction at the elementary school level, they are doing live instruction. Um what I'm hearing on the ground from parents that I've talked to who have been impacted by this. They say that it's it's a complete disaster, and it also often takes this wall system a day or two to get that up and running. So it's not like they send Children home and then, you know, say Okay, tomorrow Here's your virtual instruction Lincoln. Here's how that's going to go well in the insanity to is, I mean, I'm not downplaying the rigors of elementary school, but let's face it. Things start getting a little harder in middle school. And so the idea that a middle school student is left is just sort of figure it out. And yet they have live instruction in elementary. They kind of got it reversed. And I'm not saying that elementary school shouldn't have it. But you know when you're doing algebra, it's you know, it's picking up on two missed weeks. It's not that easy. See that's really difficult. Right, And let's also not forget that there's there's a whole plethora and a whole lot of steps that went into some of the bad decision making, and I know it's impacting some of our high schoolers to you know, the county schools really didn't let everybody know that they would not have to quarantine if they were fully vaccinated with enough time for parents to make that decision to get their high schoolers or 12, year old and up Children vaccinated. Before the beginning of the school year. They put out that guidance without enough time for parents to actually do that. Dr. Richmond the 10 Day quarantine. First of all is that school days or is that 10 calendar days that you have to quarantine 10? Calendar days? Okay. Please don't give any ideas of how you're right. I'm sorry. Your God forbid we should. We should dump that on the delay real fast that I don't think they're listening. Uh And then what if you have a negative test, though? What if your child is home for a couple of days incubation period that you do a test. The kid is fine. They still won't let you in. Is that is that the case and is there any testing for requirement for coming back after quarantine? That's a great question. So that is evolving as we speak, and I can tell you it's being poorly implemented all over so different kids are being told different things. The policy says that if your child is sent home Due to a child with a symptom that if that child you know the one that coughed and went to the nurse's office get the test is negative. Then all of the kids impacted by that policy can come back. So you want to talk about the way to just institute mass disruption? Montgomery County has found it and they've done it and they're doubling down on that. They're not backing away from that at their most recent board meeting, which I was at Dr Reisman real fast. Another day hearing today, Will there be public commentary at this hearing? I know that Montgomery County School Board has been doing their utmost to make sure that you the taxpayer, and parents aren't allowed to have a say in any of this. Oh, so this gets even better. Let me just clarify. So it's actually a briefing that's done during the Montgomery County Council meeting today, so it's even one more separate. Moved and the Montgomery County Council has not invited a single medical or health professional to this briefing today, they've invited top level administration from Montgomery County schools and they intend to ask how did we get here to this quarantine guidance? And then in the context of that we also have the health officer for the county, Dr Travis Scales, who was the one that recommended this insane policy to the schools. Houston's left so he won't be there. He's gone. He's gone, and he's cashed in Dr Jennifer Riesman. Thank you for continuing to hold the torch here on this. Do you have a group or of concerned parents or any sort of website or Facebook group where people can join you and sort of Reach critical mass here in Monaco. Yes, we do. Montgomery County families for education and accountability. You can find a group on Facebook. You can also follow us on Twitter at open and CPS. Openem CPS Dr Jennifer Riesman. Thank you for fighting the fight. I appreciate it. All right, have a great day week. One is in the books now for the NFL, But the season is really.

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