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I think Beijing just is easily lose. You could read it in l. A one of the things that I think is remarkable. Is that the reader? For much of its length, cannot tell whether the narrator is alive or dead. She's brought in in a coffin at a certain point her soon to be ex husband joins her in the coffin. The delirious Extravagant. Painful improbability of staying alive in a world that has stopped allowing you to feel wanted. His broad Practically into every chapter. And I've read as my listeners know many, many, many eccentric novels, but this is one of the truly great ones. I feel shocked, to be honest that Susan didn't talk to me about it while she was alive because we used to discuss books together on the telephone with great regularity. But I am And we're all lucky that the book has made a new appearance divorcing by Susan Talbot's with very good introduction by David Reef, who talks about the presence of death. In this novel and in the author's life. This is perhaps it's easy to say the next book for you to be reading. Um, I hope that you will order it and read it right away and let us know what you think on. Tell David. I'll tell David how many of you right in and David, I'm very grateful to you. We haven't spoken in years. Thank you for coming on the show and joining us. Well, thank you for having me and thank you for obviously. Amplifying Making people conscious of this wonderful, terrible, tragic book. Wonderful and terrible and tragic on Lee begin to describe it. Um, And yet it's a book that gave me great pleasure and filled me with surprise. I've been talking with David Reef who wrote the introduction to divorcing by Susan Thomas. Published by New York Review Books. Thank you, David again for joining me, and I hope when you're Yugoslavian project is completed, you'll join me again. It would be a pleasure..

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