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Other no i don't remember ever you know i always i brought him pitched and pain like most guys in my best the bullpen guys back then and they come to mood can you picture you know never say no well the last thing i wanted to ask you since you were on the tigers for so long and you were the less member of that sixty eight team that was active in the majors and you played with troy all the way to nineteen eighty so you played with the foundation of next great tigers teams whitaker and trammell and jack morrison kirk gibson on and on you know you played with these guys earlier in their her and of course trammell is going into the hall of fame now it always seems like whitaker has been underrated a bit and may be left out of that discussion more than he should be of course you weren't playing with those guys in their primes but could you tell even when they were coming up that this is the foundation of the next great tigers teams these guys are going to be double play partners for the next decade plus i shall i really thought lou when he you know lucille little hockey allen was quiet and lou sweet lou you know i don't know how old he was might been nineteen years old you know somebody said hi lo you can call me sweet lou but he had is talent sort of sean little more maybe a little faster stronger than alan when they first came up that i remember anyways and i knew i knew they had a chance and you just never know you know you guys with great talent sometimes they make them times they don't think can happen and it's not always physical but i knew they both had a chance with them until in the ball field hall of fame dog.

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