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Forecast the possibility for severe storms on Sunday as we head. Few, tonight still chance for an isolated shower storm so many storms can, be a, touch on, the strong side otherwise mostly. Clear to partly cloudy fog overnight low around seventy patchy fog early Sunday Senate clouds hot. Muggy for your Sunday some scattered. Storms popping up. In the afternoon through the evening hours are, highs upper, eighties he next. Mid to upper nineties watch out, fee storms, could, be, severe for the Weather Channel Todd. Bork WLS Amy ninety, another, update in thirty minutes Lane. Batters Hawaii ruling against the president I'm Ann Cates I'll tropical. Storm watches and warnings have been discontinued as what was once hurricane lane churns away from Hawaii lane is moving at less than parades speeds about. Three miles per hour allowing for lots of rain to pound. The state Honolulu mayor Kirk Caldwell, says, there, will be some Monday morning quarterbacking going on in lanes aftermath we're lucky and there will be folks tomorrow we'll be talking about whether we should have done this and why do we have to, go through all of this this this exercise but we didn't know mother nature is unpredictable he says they prepared for the worst as just. Three days ago lane was a cat five hurricane and they. Hoped, for the best as he said they dodged a bullet I'm Jim, Roope lane, dumped more, than forty inches of rain. US district judge has tossed out key provisions today of an effort by President Trump to. Make it easier to terminate federal. Employees correspondent Jan. Johnson the judge ruled that the president has, the authority, to issue executive. Orders relating to federal law Labor relations including three he. Issued in, may that the, administration said would make it easier for agencies to fire workers, who. Performed poorly but the judge also said presidential. Orders cannot evict serrate the right to bargain collectively the parent of the National Enquirer has released a one time Trump? Employees who claims, the president had an affair that produced a. Child from his nondisclosure contract correspondent Sarah Westwood AM I page Trump's. Former doorman thirty thousand dollars during the election to stay silent about. The story but, the doorman would oh. Am I one million dollars if he made public these allegations. Against Trump AMA has now released the doorman from that confidentiality agreement as the company comes under intense scrutiny from investigators looking.

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