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Listening to wrestling observer. Live with bryan alvarez and mike semper viva on the sports byline broadcasting network. Hey siri you want to guess. What was the biggest gainer on. Aws or annex t for the last several weeks guess Don't take ut don't say it. Miro kip penelope orange chuck. I'll be damned. Yep yep all. I heard was complaints was the biggest gainer on both shows for weeks. Okay we got an annex t tonight and they have announced a pre show match for the show. Those of you wanna see. I don't i guess it'd be a peacock i guess but anyway we audio versus raquel gonzales. For the annex t title volt versus mosso ciampa s que versus great young vets versus llegado. Del fantasma for the tag team. Titles the got little eliminator. It's really quite simple with Leon rough swerve. Scott brunson read cameron. Grimes dexter loomis in la night winner against johnny gargano. Tomorrow we got. Pete done facing kushida and in this pre show match. Tony storm will face zoe stark. And then tomorrow. We have not announced a appreciate much to they say we. Yes i could get your payroll now trouble for that one Female carrying cross for the next title at him culver skyla riley unsanctioned match to this minute jordan devlin versus santos escobar for the cruiserweight title. Johnny gone overseas the gauntlet eliminator winner and chassis blackheart verses. Ember moon. I'm sorry shot. Seeing ember versus candice laret and indie hartwell. Now the reason. I was laughing. When they mention sanctioned match so on smackdown spear-carrying apollo crews announced that his match with a big e will be a nigerian drum fight. But the hell's nigerian drug fight. I thought well it's around the ring with guys bang drums who write music l. w. officially announced a biggie and apollo crews intercontinental title match at menia thirty seven. Ninety two will be a nigerian drum fight when crews issued the challenge. He said the nigerian drum fight is an ancient dual created by his ancestors for those who are wronged to get the chance to make things right. There are no rules or limitations. Just a beating so loud. It sounds like a drum like that. So are you telling me that all this is is a no holds barred match where they were going to beat each other so hard. It sounds like a drum. That's what a nigerian drum fight is. There's going to have to be in my mind. How i'm envisioning this is there will be guys outside the ring with drums beating on them and we're going to have an increase in tempo sort of thing in. Maybe that's it. I don't know. I have absolutely no idea. I'm not sure you wear by the way mike. Are you aware. Are you aware yes. That's the story here. Is that apollo could beat big e biggie pinned him and pinned him and pinned him and pinned him which led to apollo attacking him so big challenge to another him to another match where he pinned him. Yes and this is leading to a nigerian drum fight. No-holds-barred no rules violent beating your that. Meanwhile one guy burned another guy to ashes. He burnt him to ashes. Dead keeping him out of the ring for three months. That was okay. The man who was burned to ashes returned and they will have a wrestling match installations least. Nobody got swung. Well i mean to be fair. The guy that got swung either. That's also just a match. But he's the guy that called the other guy had dummy cage. Maybe they have a marimba. I don't know making. I know book this show vince. Mcmahon celts looks. Good doesn't it. W w inducted ten people in the legacy wing of their hall of fame. What's funny race miscellaneous honest to god. This wrestlemanias this is not feel like wrestlemainia. At all last year we felt more like a wrestlemainia than what we have going on this year. Crazy here is that here. The legacy inductees ray stevens. Dr death steve williams. They're and michelle leoni. How badly they messed that. One up the you nailed it. I just can't believe you said it. But gary hart and brickhouse brown let me tell you brick house you know white brick house actually should go to this them. If you ever shoots. Well what happened was i. I know that you're all going to is not supposed to be funny. This is just what actually happened know. Brickhouse brown died and his wife called the the coroner and they were on their way to take the body and brickhouse brown back to life and which was mother and told her that he was hungry. Remember this he lived another week and then he died a second time and did not come back so brickhouse brown came back from the dead. Which in fact is more impressive than i would say. One hundred percent of the other people in the hall of fame so there you go brickhouse brown and that's a true story by the way if you guys think i'm making that up i'm not know. We talked about it on this show. But he goes in there with gary hart who cheated death in that plane crash eons ago that ended up killing bobby. Shane allston idol is on that flight as well. Some other people's so at certainly a unique group in i did. I didn't even realize it. That group was going in and make sense would with double the the Inductees year. But i did hear about the group for this year which was again just this random and just as just as odd this year. Dick the bruiser every ducted here on peacock. His dole. pez. Whatley were you buzz sawyer. Ethel johnson and paul bausch. Oh announced as.

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