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Alternatives to going to family court three things like family mediation and online dispute resolution and what other changes you think need to be made to the laws which affect our relationships because there's an issue isn't there about civil partnerships for heterosexual couples i mean i'd like to see a quality that heterosexual couples can't take up civil partnerships infamy it's almost like you have some kind of hierarchy if you want the most rights get married but if you want some rise civil partnership can fill that opportunity but also said the kind of european motorway you'll cohabiting with somebody after a period of two years being able to register that relationship so i agree with each we shouldn't justice impose these rights responsibilities onto people people have to opt in to them but there are alternatives and again every big challenge in our country today is that the cost of where we have to talk about that the average cost of the wedding is getting onto twenty thousand pounds and we live in difficult market where do you save your deposit or do you pay off your student or you pay your people who don't necessarily want to get married to head for sexual couples at the moment they have no rights that right correct that's right if they're resigned to a common nor marriage isn't true you know the rights you may have as if you have children involved bs if you if you're with your partner and your houses in your one and one of them dies or what we split up there's no right not unless there's a will in place there you know you don't get the right so you get seem three marriage say tend to have access to her people's pension their property marriage gives you vague to do that but if you're not married then there's no such thing as comino marriage with an english more chris why do you think is so seem so obvious to me.

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