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So you've had it. But it just kind of is in the back of your head back your brain yet. And I always came back to it. Interesting. I thought about it a lot like, even in adulthood. I was just like what was another equivalent. What's the closest you can get a game? What's the closest? I don't know. There's so many sites growers. Oh in terms of like gameplay, you have just like what is this kind of look like? Imagine I was going to say ninja turtles, but it's on a single tear. It's on a single track. You can't move in depth contra, but it's like magnified because in country your characters very small compared to the world around them in strider. Your characters is pretty big maybe the Batman game for any s. Okay. Yeah. So that's the kind of of mechanic. It has Batman. It has a Batman. Mckay kit is a Batman feeling I forgot to mention one of the villains as the joker. You know, what 'nother thing about it? I was playing. I was. Sorry. It was Arkham nights. This game sounds very peculiar. It's very strange. So you don't know anything else. I can I can walk you through some of the other stuff that happened the first level. Yeah. Takes place on I believe Soviet rooftops. And then you fight a parliament, Caterpillar, really tell their Soviet rooftop because they have the kind of you know, that kind of what's that circular shape at the point like the oil inland yet. They have like the Kremlin. And then the second level is you're in the tundra. You're in just like see you're like a spy soldier thing. But like heaven. Right. He's actually trying to describe. I don't know you're shooting lights or whatever I'm shooting. But it makes like a sword sound there are wearing what is a purple onesie. And then you can there are these like there are I just pictured MC hammer, but continue not far white MC hammer. And then there are these flying robots that they drop these things that give you like little robots that fight alongside you sometimes. And so the second level after you're done killing the parliament centipede monster machine, you are in the tundra, and you are fighting wolves, okay? And some soldiers and then a giant mechanical gorilla? That I. Okay. I don't know. Okay. So this falls kind. It's the same territory kid chameleon a little bit. Yeah. Which is to me like a bunch of stuff. Just happens me. We're not gonna explain it is just what's happening. Now think about the fact that when I brought up kid chameleon. I was like I liked playing this game. And it made sense to me because it was two kids is four kids. This game is not feel like it's four. I don't know who this game is four. It sounds like get sounds like a I don't not conservative it. Just sounds like propaganda right yet. Feels feels like probably that way. But what if I'm wrong, and it just seemed Soviet what if that parliament isn't meant to be Soviet. No, I it really just goes down to they made a bad game. They provide as you as a child. We're like, I'm not attached to this. Keith. Yeah. It's on the box. I some sane like how did it? How did it get on the box? How I'm trying to figure as if a game's bad like the summer Dini like we can make fun of echo all day. I understand why echo would be on Sega box. I really do. I would understand that it might have been. I don't understand I want. I wanna put you more in the mindset of me because I was playing this when I was little and I was playing games like to-, Jim neural, and my my brothers. And I we had this thing because we hadn't any s and we had to say Genesis, and we didn't know how to hook them up. And so our parents would have to hook them up for us. So we couldn't change systems if he wants to if we're like we really wanna play young and this. Yeah. Unless we would literally beg my parents to like hook up the other system force. And that's what we would change..

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