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T enter it now at kfbk dot com from California's Capital City, This is Sacramento's news 93.1. Hey, fbk. Good morning to you 8 30 on this Friday, May 7th I'm Christina Madonna as we head into the weekend. This is our final half hour. The program. This week. Thanks for being part of it. I'm saying shame. The state of California now looking for land in San Diego to build a migrant processing center, The alleged captain of the boat that capsized and broke up off San Diego on Sunday was charged in federal court today. Also all knew it ate. We have a new report on this developing story. A 21 ton out of control. Chinese rocket expected to plunge back to Earth this weekend We're going to tell you what the U. S military is planning to do. That's all straight ahead. Let's get up to the road right now. And check in with Brian Noble swells rolling this Friday morning. Take it away. Brian. This report is brought to you by Save Mart still have an accident North down 99 about halfway between Mac Road and Floren roads. The two left lanes blocked as many as five vehicles involved in this one. Right now, Traffic is at a crawl almost all the way back to Elk Grove Boulevard. Mom's rarely put themselves first. So for Mother's Day, save Mark and help you serve a meal that will make her feel like number one. Angus Beef filet mignon Just 10 £99 Mom's first could save Mart Valley Proud traffic on the tens, every 10 minutes mornings and afternoons from the cap Trust Traffic Center News 93.1 kfbk. It'll be sunny today with a high of 82 84 than clear tonight with a low of 56 to 60 sunshine of are becoming very breezy and quite warm. Combination of gusty winds and dry weather will result in an elevated.

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