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Crooked number would be nice on the led board. I don't know if there's much justification for it, but the switchbacks not going to leave it to that. They're going to push forward. They have it. Yaya Toure a just lost it. And it's taken away by New Mexico United. Yaya is still pressuring New Mexico has descended downfield Bruce with a header. And they switchbacks player cleared out Good call by the referee. Was right on top of it. Switchbacks going to get a free kick Presented by the joint chiropractic. We've got your back Jose Torres over it. Torres will go to his left for Jimmy Oxford. Now the hajj back to Jose Torres has Bruce on him. Back over to Tristan Hodge. He'll look reverses fields to the near side and just over the head Amici, Galina and out of play 89th minute switchbacks. Down by a goal. A jam will urge his team for the Assistant referee telling Nedum, too. Hustle it up. Throwing goes here taken away by the switchbacks Michael Edwards. And now ball played up goes hard off the foot amici Galina Galina still has it. Galina back to Haji Berry Berry to Galina, trying to dribble through traffic, trying to get a foul call won't get it loses it. And Alex Tembaga sends it downfield. 89 45 on the clock switchbacks. Turn it over. Here comes Chris. We hand Well, that's Ilya Ilyich, by the way. A little..

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