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Research IBM blockchain is optimizing critical supply chains IBM A. I.'s streamlining benefits processing and IBM cloud to securely supporting contact tracing and return to work to learn more please join us July first for the IBM think of digital experience register today at IBM dot com slash think of money news twenty five and fifty five now to Jeff Clabaugh Tuesday's opening bell five minutes away Dow futures are up a hundred five points although S. and P. five hundred futures are flat another retailer checks in with big losses Dick's sporting goods quarterly losses more than twice what was expected although it says sales have since picked back up and Dick's online sales more than doubled last quarter Starbucks is asking employees to choose between working fewer hours are taking unpaid leave until at least September Starbucks doesn't expect a rebound in sales until at least then the salamander resort and spa in Middleburg plans to re open June eighteenth it does have three hundred forty acres of outside space to its advantage Washington business journal says the sound of matter has been covering benefits for the two hundred twenty five employees furloughed since it temporarily closed in March Jeff label WTOP news money news is brought to you by liberty mutual insurance where you only pay for what you need no one should have to pay for a one size fits all insurance coverage liberty mutual customizes your coverage so you only pay for what you need coming up after traffic and weather rioting breaks out of a peaceful protest in several cities across the country nine twenty six this is Molly Smith artistic director at arena stage theater brings us together whether it's.

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