Venezuela, Ponzi Scheme, Cortez discussed on Rush Limbaugh


And as and how we want to act as the wealthiest nation in the history of the world, and we wanna do that by making everybody miserable. That's the one thing that all socialist. Countries share in misery. Day share in absolute misery. They do Venezuela tried this. Right. You had the great influx of of of of this liberalism slash, you know, national we're going to nationalize everything. We're going to do all of these things we're going to be real socialist country all the while sitting on the largest. Oil reserve in the entire globe. And what did they do? Some two million people have fled. People are losing on average about fifteen to twenty pounds a year because they can't afford to eat inflation is rampant. There is not enough. To go around, and what was hoped to be. And this is what happens all the time in socialized countries like this. When you want to talk about where we're going to guarantee this morning to guarantee that is, hey, there's a there's an income inequality, and what ends up happening is that income inequality that you think you have now shrinks it does it used to be. There were plenty of people that had lots of income, and it did trickle down. Maybe not the way that you liked. But now what you've done is. You've chased many of those people away and the power and income is concentrated in a small few people's hands, and that gap gets wider and wider of the haves and have nots. That's what ends up happening, and they never have an answer for that. You wanna disproportionately hurt the people? You say you're going to help. Then try to implement some of these and see what happens you will build not a not a voter base. You're going to build a customer base and dependence like you've never seen. I got that. But the price tag for everything that you've laid out in your campaign is forty trillion dollars over the next ten years. But I'm talking about the overall package you say, it's not buying this guy. But forty trillion dollars is quite a bit of money and the taxes they can talk about raising pay for this to pay for your agenda only count for two and I'm we're going by left leaning analysts. Yeah. Left leaning analysts people who want you to be right. But people know that you can't. Sweden used to be vastly more wealthy country before the seventies came in and they decided to implement a lot of these cradle-to-grave super social programs which chased away so many companies and corporations and entrepreneurs and business owners, and it wasn't until they started to loosen up some of the regulations that you started to see the telecom industry with Ericsson a few others start to take off. But the reality is is all it is is a miniature Ponzi scheme. Of. Consumer tax that goes to just keep people heads above water. It doesn't promote anything else. You're going to guarantee a job you're going to guarantee a house, you're going to guarantee an income, and you're going to guarantee education and healthcare. They never have a way to pay for it. They never do. Once again when asked Cortez's train derails. Right. Well, when you look again at again, how our healthcare work's currently we pay much of these costs go.

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