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So you get this. Get with Eartha Kitt, you go down a work. Reynolds State. Did you say Jupiter and you're writing charts for her and you're doing shows. But what's the next step? You start to recognize? Wait a minute. I can take this another another step forward after being with her for a while. I think you know, skinny little talking. She didn't really trust you. She does She lost satchel. On with the charges charts on your plane and I was in Southeast for getting ready to do the gig. And I said, Where's the music goes? Music's Not here. I said Alright, Don't worry. I got your cover. I had copied all the music. Oh, and I made, you know. You're the hero was the hero. Then I was so I said, Well, you know, I think I deserve a raise. And that was the end of that game. Well, all of a sudden you start to recognize love. What's the next step? You say? Well, you're getting your confidence now is a music director. That was something you kind of found your way into. But now you realize wait a minute. I could do this. I'm good at it. What's the next step? Next step was trying to get a raise. Not getting so I left good going back home writing pursuing my own career signed by Rich Boy City I'm doing Racking up thousands of dollars at major studios, factory Thiss media sound and all these other great stories, so your reputation is being established right on, so we this's like 1984 way, get almost a point where I get a deal. Your old record My own record. Really, really see. I've had those call it I almost signed with almost records that way. Didn't Sugar is the bottom line? Not got great reviews, but it didn't seem so at that point. I was like, Okay, I'm burnt out. Manager was pretty crazy Wild get it just evolved. So I started traveling with people and I started taking the eggs that were Felix Cavaliere from the young last young rascals Way did some writing just some stuff in the studio. Jeff. People are like friends that people are, by the way is absolutely one of the great great rock and roll guitarist OK, very versatile. I went to school with his brother. Right around the corner from Egypt was a little kid when I remember. But anyway, go ahead, So and Jeff was in my unit he was tracking with me with my original band. So we're all student together. We had great Joel Rosenblatt from Al Caldwell from Vanessa Williams. So Jeff calls Mrs. Eh? I'm going back on TV Jones and don't do it was rob Lust Wasserman on these young kids on drugs from a city put that together we went out toward was amazing. We're overdoing festivals on Ricky on ER, but she was hot. She was hot, really Hot Act way opened up for Ray Charles and Jeff, of course, had was radio. He took me into the were over at Caesarea in Israel. Took me down into the pits on I met Ray District is handing you a worldwide got me working with the legend. He's drinking coffee, so So then we finished our tour that's like now 1987 and I'm working with Mary knows we're writing some stuff. And he's working with a guy named Norman Connors was a drummer, but he would produce these records kind like a question. You know, multiple artists. Some married night broke the title track song was passionate. It was the title track is the other way and we go to capital. To record so we're in l a camped west like walking into another Smithsonian. Remember, first time I went and I'm going like, Oh, my God, my really hear Sinatra Every everything comes back. You just feel like you're walking into a museum. It's a great experience so good so So I'm here and I'm thinking my mentors well, Vanik or grew up in North Haven connected on my friend's kind. My network. Help me along the way. Music everything Capital session here and you're in Hollywood. He comes in and he's checking it out. So we start talking and listening, and he had been very man Loh's musical 80. So he goes. I'm leaving Barry. He's looking for things to be interested in doing so I'm thinking Barry's religion. Not like it's not a name. It's not rock roll with this, You know. What did I say? On a commercial break? I said very Manilow really carried the torch for the Great American songbook was his material. I mean, those songs have become standards so good. So I said sure set up two additional So I go home back to, you know, take it after sessions getting audition get called. Back up to L. A to walk into the studio and I go in 20 story was sitting there listening to this, I thought was Barry's bandits, this sauce of burning salt content. No percussion. Everything I know. I know. Police walks out. You guys are amazing. You know, now I'm like I'm like shaking guys. Might be, you know, it might be over my head. That's Barry's behind us. Oh, no, It's not bad. Is it really so he was great. So then I felt better. When I get to call I walk in. I auditioned for Barry, right and Everything went well and he goes, Can you you know, do you sitting? Can you sing? So I wrote out a chart their song for you Let me have something that I think so. I handed out being killed. That's right way, Believe me..

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