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Question that they asked him all right. You know what. I'm going to give an honest answer to that question when a time it ahead of time or nearby. Put a little clock here. Maybe do one minute all right. Now ron paul. Let's hear are so ron. Paul was a multi term congressman who first entered congress in nineteen seventy six served until eighty four then left for a while and came back in ninety six ran for president twice as a republican. Once as a libertarian and unlike everybody else he managed to bring up issues like the federal reserve. What causes boom bust cycles. Whether it's a good idea for the us government to have a military presence as far flung as it is but beyond that he would say things to audiences that didn't wanna hear them so he'd go down to florida and say we shouldn't have the embargo against cuba he'd be in south carolina and say we need to end the drug war so he didn't use focus groups or whatever he just appealed to people that their natural sense of what's right and wrong and what. We ought to find appealing a politician. Somebody who just tells us the truth regardless of what we wanna hear and he made he got young people to read thousand page economic treatises. Whereas if you try to ask yourself. What did rick santorum accomplish. No one even remembers who he was. It's been sixty seconds. You're done i did. I was mentally counting the seconds. Because i actually didn't have a clo- okay. Well we have Question number two from super fans nullification. Didn't we settle that issue with the whole civil war thing. okay now. i don't know if these are meant to be like questions that they know. I've answered all right no problem i'll do it well. I what is nullification. Because i don't want to assume. I don't like when people just use crazy lingo as if the whole world knows what it means. This happens all the time. I don't know well when the fed buys securities. Okay you've already lost half the country. Why are you talking like this anyway. So nullification is the idea that the states have to be able to challenge the federal government if it violates the constitution that if the federal government has a monopoly on interpreting the constitution it will interpret it in its own favor and that the entire history of the early republic demonstrates that the united states was not meant to be a single indivisible blob it was a collection of societies each with its own rights and liberties that's why the constitution refers to the united states in the plural. The united states are and we see this in fact in my book nullification. I go through all this forgotten early. History of the sovereignty of the peoples of the states and that this was understood by everyone north and south alike northern states appeal to the principle of nullification if anything even more often than the southern states did the northern states referred to it to fight against thomas. jefferson's embargo eighteen. O seven to nine. We see daniel webster. The consummate northern unionist saying that if during the war of eighteen twelve the federal government should attempt to the mad project of conscripting men into the military. It would be up to massachusetts to resist that so this this is just normal talk. This was normal. This is how you keep. The federal government in check is not by waving a piece of paper and its face. Oh look it's the constitution. It's a magic amulet. This will protect our liberties. This is not plausible. There needs to be some genuine pushback now in terms of whether the civil war settled this well. First of all the civil war was not fought over nullification. Secondly the northern states used it. If from what. I can see from what i've chronicle more often than the southern ones did. And actually if you look at jefferson davis farewell address to the senate. He's complaining about nullification. He's complaining about the northern states nullifying the fugitive slave laws which indeed they did in multiple forms so that not only that i don't think it's a civilized person comes to the conclusion that intellectual arguments are settled by violence. So you're telling me that. If the nazis had one world war two then i guess. The whole question of antisemitism has been settled. Who would think that way right. Or who would look at the indian wars and say well guess. The question of the plains indians has been settled by that. No one thinks that way. If you came home to your parents after getting beaten up on the playground they would not say. Well i guess that settles that right. I guess you were in the wrong. No one thinks that way except here we feel like well our war settled that's throng way to think about. Don't get mad at us. Get mad at the superfan. No i'm speaking to a hypothetical hypothetical superfan asks. What do you like. Best about michael malice. No not this. She can't that guy. Leave me in peace. Everywhere i turn. Jeez i don't know how he's done this to me. And if you don't know who michael malices. He's a celebrity ghost writer who was made famous by me. His multiple appearances on the tom would show and who now thinks he can outshine me.

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