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WMAL traffic and weather here's Robert gold in the deep carpet cleaning traffic center news around town looking very good for us on Christmas day checking account but we know we should report throughout Virginia or Maryland all you're going clear both inner and outer loop traveling route fifty Maryland from the beltway he's found to roll towards Annapolis Severn river and over the bridge again no delays at this time switching to Virginia ninety five southbound from Springfield through Lorton Woodbridge trying all the way down Ford's Fredericksburg young no accidents or incidents in the roadway for one very specific force I'm rob goal now from ground zero referred on WMAL weather channel for sunny today high forty eight cloudy tonight low thirty two its forty two right now in Bethesda forty three of Reagan national I'm a real the fund Washington small Rush Limbaugh not even on vacation just when you think you're out we'll get back in but that's okay Christmas greetings everyone Rush Limbaugh E. I. V. network joining you on.

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