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So much for the update. Appreciate it. Elizabeth Shelter. There are ABC news correspondent in Washington. Thanks so much. All right. 5 20 at kfbk. Traffic and weather together. Time. Good for Elizabeth Knight. Does somebody in Washington is working? Uh, that's Dennis. Yes. How about that, huh? Hotline's ringing a second. Okay. Brought to you by that first, huh? Last have been shot down. 99 Grand Line Road east on ramp. Well, we're reporting a Caltrans request and not sure why you have me in the area. Something going on down there, Dad and a split seven minutes. Eastbound Camp City. Split to Roseville is gonna be eight minutes as you make your way out to Douglass Boulevard. Be going. Tell Grover 11 minutes. 55 and 13 minutes sat down on 99 downtown to false of eastbound 50 18 minute ride for you. They're 16 minutes to Woodland north that I five in a nine minute drive to Davis Westbound 80 no traffic either direction to speak of out there the Davis area with. Indeed, there's no waiting for real results. Indeed, searches through the millions of resumes in their database to deliver great candidates who fit your job description instantly claim you're $75 credit towards your first upgraded post had indeed dot com slash credit. Terms and conditions apply traffic on the tens, every 10 minutes mornings and afternoons. Dana has news 93.1 kfbk. Tonight we'll see Partly cloudy skies. It'll be chilly tonight will reach a low 38 to 42 tomorrow. Mostly cloudy tomorrow will see a high 53 to 57 Thursday. We'll have plenty of sunshine Thursday Expect.

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