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I have the privilege of working another brilliant guy. Maurice hamilton sm see group and together with our teams. We now take artists only a few of them very slick art netter coming then have the talent to witness in drive and if they're lucky okay. Not that we're any midas touch. The we're humble were trying. We will connect them and they may be like one of the poster child for the next coca-cola posted child or unilever one of these multi-national corporations so we're working with maurice with that We have There is a show that i'm going to be hosting coming out soon later on this year. My dream team earlier today. And it's going to be called soho at night and i'm looking forward to it and the boy. I'm going to have a good time. Are you going to have us on this whole it. It's going to be my family. Has like caprio state dot com. So walk down. So he's old historic all. They're built hundred fifty years ago and everyone have these lawsuit walk into different rooms have different celebrities and different spins on. Could give the whole secret away yet. But it's a very very exciting project. And i'm working with Which great people on out as well. So that's a narrow. I just help co-produce part in a movie that says be coming out soon slayers doing acting myself and also coming out with my own music and i'm very introduced song soon. one of them are working In junk schubert. My buddy talented scott page where i mentioned before original sacks from pink floyd and supertramp todo and wonderful guy. I helped support him. 'cause he's another philanthropist. What is a smart brilliant tech guy in his own right and he course he's he's into an entertainment and a performer. But he did he raise money for the watch conservatory for underprivileged children there for a music in l. a. And help support him. That was. I think january of last year when a wonderful guy. So he's working with attributes on at We'll be coming out soon. But his team and his team thinki- ex pd steve. Perkins kenny olson. His dream team as well but Yeah so i mean i i. I'm trying not to and and again. I know we're talking about this What's important to me. i feel i should mention. This is not so much really about me. Okay i look at myself kind of like a conduit came to try to get this passion now. Sometimes i xe myself. You know waited. All this passionate empathy come from you know because they see other people see. I'm one of those people that you like. I think it's called empathetic. And i can pat where you feel a lot. You know i feel like know. Lost my mom. But i think you know you feel the high suitable lows a lot more and without any drugs. Okay you just feel it. You know you know it just just organically just healthy lifestyle but you know and and and they just wonder you know it people say what rather not be too sensitive because then you open yourself up and you get hurt. But that's the mystery of life. I would rather be this way. You know there is a song that was brought brooks and beautiful song. That talks about is posted. The day he just talks about the journey says if i could go back in i think he was somebody i think somebody died or something maybe his wife to somebody and yet sounds terrible but he says if he could go back again and change like it never meet her so he didn't have to suffer the loss. He says no way he says. Because maybe i'd have to deal with the lowest. But i would have missed love and would have missed the journey when it missed it. And that's what's important for us to will remember. It's all about the journey and it's limited amount of time that we hear make the best of it and what's noble and what what will make a difference is how we react and how we touch each other a and i mean there's there's a.

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