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So I think they scheme him out in a similar way that Cincinnati schemes out in Tonio Brown every. He when he made that crazy catch. It was verse Dallas. Yep. Yeah. Haven't had again since then. It's like, fuck this dude, and they go after them, they head hunt them, you know, they scheme safeties over the top on them. So I'm not as big on ODBC's. I think a lot of people are. So I don't. I don't have much volume in this game. Say quantum probably my highest player. What are you? What is your thoughts on Evan Ingraham? I love him. I love him. Great. You know, he's, he's probably my next favorite option below saquon. All right, Monday night madness. The Seahawks at the bears, obviously the the bears defense was ridiculous. Khalil Mack came out with a chip on his shoulder Russell Wilson got sacked six times in one football game of Baldwin's out Brandon Marshall who no one discussed. Some people thought he retired. He had a solid game last week, Tyler Lockett and their rookie tight end. Is he a bold out last week? It's Monday night. Football. Is anybody worth going after for this Monday night matchup the Seahawks at d. Chicago Bears. I like I like I like the bare side. I wanna pick on Seattle, so I did it week. One went Denver, so I wanna do it again. I liked Trubisky. Yeah. Yeah. I like Joan how I know it's your boy like this week, so I'm big fan of Jordan Howard this week. Yeah, I think they're gonna win the game. I think they'll have control of the game, and I think he'll be in the driver's see running down their throat all game. So I like. Her Bisky Burton and Howard. I, I like those three guys on the Chicago side of the ball. I think they could all have good games and on the Seahawks side of the ball, it's like, fuck man. Just can't fucking do it. Like I, it's just fun. I know marshalls fine and lock. It's fine and Russ's rust, but it's so fucking ugly. I'm just probably fading mostly. Yeah, I agree quarterback in first week to get sacked six times bad man. They're so bad is the Chicago defense going to continue to be is as disruptive as they, they're going to get better. They're going to get better. The more MAC gets comfortable with the scheme and the defense and the more they start building defensive schemes around him. You gotta remember motherfuckers only been there for a week, so right? Yeah. Once they start building defensive schemes around, he's a once in a generational player. They're going to get better as season goes up and Trubisky is gonna get better. All right there we have it. There we have at that's week to now. No guns. I'm starting to hear something. I don't know..

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