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Opportunity to win some tickets to see former presidents Bill Clinton and George W. bush in conversation with Pulitzer Prize winning presidential historian Doris Kearns Goodwin to Carnegie Hall on February twenty ninth will solicit your phone call shortly and your final opportunity to win this coming up we have some crazy stories before we get to them Hey John in New Jersey are you one of the way and what's up John hi gentleman let me mention that their looking at crimes for the impeachment I want to ask you personally one of the crimes that they're looking at well there are okay are you but perhaps use the word crime loosely Dershowitz well it says well loosely bus criminal act while he's not he's being impeached yes but that's not all no well because he's been charges you know what they are don't play called I don't you know I'm asking you personal they are there instructions of Congress and the the first the impeachment charges abuse of power so those are the three day impeachable Chargers you'll have to ask you know okay really not only will you think apparently not a lot of people say apparently yes it's high crimes misdemeanors okay you said it was ever discuss it yes for our does that's within the constitution well it's a live discussion or looks extremely weak lately and when you want a sports guy okay into sports question well Jakob like what I said so Larry Walker do you I don't really see hall of fame with Kate I mean he's good John numbers we now fielder let's agree but we don't have the the magic number for L. feel whole family members John down so John here's the deal and I think you'll agree with this halls of fame are supposed to be for the all time greats Lou Gehrig Ty Cobb Babe Ruth these days in all sports halls of fame are for the very very goods and Larry Walker is a very very good so you just that that was what it was a couple of key players were it was watered down certainly Harold pain was the most recent cut you know it in a consolidated career for a six year period now keep going back to it manning lose all of Famer but it didn't do as well excellent thanks John preset okay we agree on some things I have no idea we were talking about well if that's fine I have no idea what you're talking about all the time all right who's this guy you mention this guy is in Greeley Colorado he was just sentenced to a thirty two years in prison for murder right at talk about truth in advertising I like this guy's got a tattoo on his head and this is murder the guy has a tattoo on his forehead this is murder yeah you just sends the thirty three makes a lot easier for the court system they will just confess up front put it on your forehead I go to serve the time that's a gift so this is a doesn't unfortunate story so the bank a bank in Detroit AT I'm African American man was trying to cash a check and the bank for some reason thought he was trying to rob them so they called the police well turns out the check that he was cashing he won in a racial discrimination so I think you may have another channel from this bank that'll be catchy to what's his crime cashing a check while black cats you know check while black that's boy got it so Hey this kid upstate New York yeah Monroe County that's that's it is right to my sister is in Russia yeah so he's sixteen years old and he's absolutely right his name is Frank you re Jerry he says the Superbowl she played on Saturday why because it's too late on Sunday people go to school people go to work the next day right this is I've been working this show I haven't seen the second half of the Super Bowl yeah except white wife woke me up for the Atlanta patriots over time all right so I saw the member but you know that the games just go too late too long you know there was some talk about moving the Super Bowl to the weekend the president's day in a way you could have the game on Sunday never would have Monday off so this this kid has the idea of let's play the game on Saturday okay so it's got to change dot org honestly I understand a change dot org work so I mean I made people signed a petition right so far he wanted to get thirty five thousand petitions and so far instantaneously as thirty one thousand what happens if you get a so what I did was so what happens well what so why don't they play the game on Saturday is there is there a reason rate ratings or something well I would well that's a great question hit the kitchen is the kid maintains courses the kid maintains the ratings would be higher on a Saturday that's not necessarily true although the Superbowl would be a muny almost people thing Saturday night is a dead night television but you know football is traditionally is pro football's traditionally a Sunday game when the whole line about on any given Sunday it would just seem like blasphemy not the play the Superbowl on a Sunday just too bad they don't they don't play the game earlier but of course they want the ratings it'll kick off till after six thirty this a million commercials right and in of the a lucky if it ends by ten you know it is late but the the kids got a good idea it's hard to the right place no one is ever going to happen I don't think so not gonna happen with Michael says is not going to happen I don't know if I'm.

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