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What's alternative comedy gold let's not forget them catterson lee get on a knee while she was talking in a poor she got off mike because you still talking but doesn't realize the microphone is up on the podium and she's trying to go down to one knee now listen i'm no spring chicken over my take me a half hour to get up off my me but i thought the she's gonna need some help i hope they can get back up again tell me you saw that video clip i did i don't think there's going to be a ironic join early pill i got us listen i gotta send you a my pillow dissents sheila jacksonlee a shipment of relief factor because she's going to have so much pain forget and they'll have a lot of lot of eighty you know cranky libs you are on their need these days trying to i mean the whole thing is so preposterous but but let's go back let's close with an image that was so delicious and so rich and so so wonderful can you imagine what liberals all over the world felt when they turned on the tv back to judge roy moore for a moment and saw the image of him on the stage waving around his revolver can you imagine what the what households were going through it liberal households than berkeley when they saw the news on npr pbs there's judge roy moore waving his gun around on stage defending the second amendment they're losing their minds michelle i know would have just been icing on take it from his other handy at the bible yes yes or the ten commandments yes and emma snowflake of course they're always getting triggered but here's the trigger that will trigger them all gosh i mean those are those with my two images sheila jacksonlee lumbering to get down on one knee on the floor of the house and judge roy moore waving his gun around on the on.

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