Tom Seaver, Pitcher Who Led 'Miracle Mets' to Glory, Dies at 75


Wins News Time 11 42 We begin with sad news. Legendary pitcher Tom Seaver is dead. Seaver was 75 years old. The Hall of Fame put out a statement from his family that savour died Monday from complications from dementia, Lyme disease and covert 19. He was known as Tom Terrific, and the franchise became to be known to fans simply is the greatest met alive. W FBN STEVE Summers You knew you had a pretty good feeling on any day that he was going to be throwing the baseball that the Mets were goingto win that day. And, of course, one of his more memorable games out of so many Memorable games was back in 1970 when he struck out 19 members of the San Diego Padres, including For the last 10 Padres. He was face in that game, and, of course, came close to a no hitter. Seaver was rookie of the year and lead the Mets to a World Series championship in 1969, Tom Seaver Dead

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