Never Say Never (Feat: Latoya D of The Analog Girl Podcast)

Gettin' Grown


Is good. J. J.. Aset set. I'm about to edit the fuck out of that and put that on my instagram story. Listen. Stand. Right Reverend Dr, FC? Barns But Pricing Law. brought us into praise and worship this morning this evening. And we are here to talk adulting scam that is You know trying to figure out how the hell we are surviving and throbbing in twenty twenty. As. You can tell the guests one who is no stranger To. Getting grown at all. La Melia. Yes. Indeed, we would like to welcome back to the kitchen table none other than my very best friend. Let's you Danielle the Analog Girl Ladies and gentlemen and. Welcome back yes. Always a pleasure. Hello Ladies. Are you guys doing? Hanging in. Yeah. It's been a while. I haven't interacted with you guys and it's been a while. Long time it has been a good length of time since we've all shared space and conversation. So we are just delighted to have you back around the kitchen table once again toya. Delighted to be here. This is this is. Rich right. This is rich I'm we'RE GONNA get we've got things to talk about the bulk of our conversation is going to be debriefing the versus as you know the culture came together to celebrate to icons in you know Ninety Day pop and rb Brandy Norwood and Monica Denise. What's her last name now? Brown and? Brown. Shadow know what her her maiden name out she was married to Shannon Brown but now that she's divorced. What Meshes return back to her but. We're not going to say Miller. ooh, you're messy. Miller, say. It happens so. I'm just like, why are we fighting for someone whose name is c murder I mean he's lambs. Murder but let let move on. All right. So we will get their best that will be our conversation. We will talk about the versus all forty days and forty nights of the versus that took place. Just last evening. We are very excited to talk about that. But in the meantime between time, we'll get to the rest of the show so before I, do that everybody's doing. Okay. Jay, you're doing well, I'm here. I'm alive and breathing and I cannot wait to discuss this event. I'm doing great. You know what I mean I'm doing good anxiety levels have been low. I have been learning how to live to see you yeah. I've been using my tools for twenty twenty say yeah and so actually prepared me yet the analog run paired me for what's going on now. I would say, so I'm doing great, I love. Good. How you doing today I am doing okay. You know I'm doing all right I don't have any complaints with grateful that we have. We are. We are employed in the season who we are. We are learning in growing through our challenges we are, and that is just that. Learning and growing through our challenges. And I mean everything is well, everything is good. So let's go ahead. Everything's good and you look cute I really love this look like you just. You, collegiate. I have my eight am class. Braced for the side glass. Like you look great and really I really appreciate that. Thank you so much. I've been sitting this for the last five hours on his own call from work. So I feel very much. You know I'm glad that I don't look like what I've been through Amos. Man. Okay. So let's get onto the trash. Yes. Let us Mosey. We're going to keep our trash and I wanted to

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