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All over the boards for the Clippers. They gotta keep Luca out of the paint. They did an exceptional job of that game five. He saw bodies every time he got around. Somebody saw another body that kept him out of the paint. They kept relatively off the free throw line, and they have to keep Dallas off that glass. Dallas is such a good offensive rebounding team. It's important for the Clippers to minimize that, And that's where Kristaps Porzingis is. Also hurts. Not only do you miss him as a five man who could draw the defense out to the perimeter, but on the defensive end that isn't talked about as much use as an excellent rim protector. He's 7 Ft. He's a little bit like K D. I don't know. You know they list him. It's 70 place bigger than that. He's got long arms. He's a very good shot blocker. He makes a huge difference for them in terms of their interior defense for the starting lineups for Game six. This is considered a Mavericks home game. Of course, the lower seat in the best of seven. Game six would normally be in Dallas. They have their colors and their introductions here on the board across three of the sides of the court here in Advent health arena. We'll start with visiting Los Angeles Clippers in the backcourt in a lineup the doc Rivers has gone with now. For four straight games. It will be Landry Shamus and pull George in the backcourt up front. It will be Marcus Morris Senior Kalai Leonard. The number two scores so far here in the first round of the playoffs and nearly 33 points per game and pizza Zoo bots. The seven footer will be in the middle for the Dallas Mavericks. A three guard set up a small lineup without Kristaps Porzingis again. Luca Don Cheech. Seven at point. Trey Burke, who has started now three straight games last two, averaging about 20 points per game. Tim Hardaway Jr also is that at least 17 points in the first five games of this Siri's on the front line, Dorian Finney Smith had been dealing with some hip issues, but he's good to go and Maxie Cleaver at 6 10 from Germany is in the middle for Dallas. They got the white uniforms. Dallas across the chest numerals in blue and the Clippers going with the black tops and shorts.

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